14 thoughts on “Bush’s Green Zone Press Conference: Ready, Aim, Duck! – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. What if the reporter would have thrown a bottle of whiskey or beer? Bush as an former (and probably present) expert on this bottle “field” would have not taken that as an insult.

    It is interesting to see how in future Bush’s security arranges these press situations. Will Bush speak and answer questions standing in a glass box or will the reporters have to sit in their underwear? Surely also in USA numerous people would like to “donate” Bush a shoe or cream cake.

  2. In Arabic culture, there is no greater insult than to hit someone with a shoe.

    Was it me, or did the chimp look a little proud of himself as he popped back up after each of his successful ducks?

  3. B”H
    Dear Richard
    I am surprised that while you often condemn acts of civil disobedience or even speech you don’t like on part of those you disagree with and demand legal action, when the shoe is on the other foot (pardon the pun) all you can do is gloat instead of mourning the breakdown of civil discourse lack of respect for the law of the land and simple politeness etc.
    Case in point your recent post condemning the article in Maariv :

    How can you justify the Iraqi journalist assaulting Bush and condemn the article in Maariv at the same time while claiming to stand for equal justice for all?

  4. @Ariel: I have no idea what connection you’re attempting to draw bet. these events. A journalist throwing a shoe at a U.S. president is nowhere near the gravity of an entire movement seeking to overthrow the secular, democratic state of Israel and replace it with a Jewish ayatollah led halachic kingdom. The journalist didn’t shoot anyone as settlers have done to unarmed Palestinian civilians. He didn’t attempt to burn down the White House as settlers did to a Palestinian family. I could go on.

  5. Every word you speak is pure hypocrasy. Get a life. And please don’t answer my post. You should move to Pakistan and preach your idiotic, disturbing, convoluted values.

  6. @hannah:

    Every word you speak is pure hypocrasy [sic]. Get a life. And please don’t answer my post.

    Thanks for giving us the benefit of your learned & wise counsel. But I’m curious why you would confuse my blog & act as if it’s your own & tell me whether I should answer you or not. Last I checked that was my prerogative.

    And thanks again for putting your hateful thoughts in writing so other more reasonable Jews (& non-Jews) can read them here & know what I’m up against.

    If I’m “disturbing” because I object to the settler movement & Jewish violence then I’m prepared to be your worst nightmare on that score.

    BTW, looks like I touched a raw nerve. Can’t say that I’m sorry.

  7. “Proving the old adage in baseball that the rich just get richer, The New York Yankees today announced yet another free-agent signing, giving a multi-year pact to the Iraqi shoe thrower, Muntadar al-Zaidi, who had a personal tryout with President Bush in Baghdad just yesterday.”

    more shoe humor: http://satiricalpolitical.com/
    I gotta tell you tho, I’m not laughing at the idea of what this principled journalist is going thru.
    There have been calls that Bush should asks for his release.

    Odds on this, anyone?

  8. What to throw at Bush? An indictment for crimes against humanity, with a trial at the Hague to begin as soon as he steps down from office.

  9. B”H
    It is very ironic that tMuntadhar al-Zeidi threw shoes at Bush and now can face up to 2 years in prison for insulting Bush
    ( Iraqi shoe-hurler could face 2 years in jail http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28252437/ )
    while he would not dare to throw his shoes at Sadam who was overthrown due to Bush as he would probably be shot ( see HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS UNDER SADDAM

  10. Reports today are that al Zaida is hospitalized with broken ribs and internal bleeding due to the beatings he suffered.

    Also that he is supposed to have a “trial”.

    It will be interesting to see if he is allowed to be seen in public with his injuries.

  11. Sorry to say this, but at least some other sources say that the shoe-thrower was Egyptian, not Iraqi, and that he has ties with the insurgency.

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