11 thoughts on “Hebron and Hoenlein: Silence of the Jewish Lamb – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. While I don’t know about any formal links, these extremist settlers have also an ally in Israel proper in the downright fascist Manhigut Yehudit. The statements you quote are indistinguishable from the Blut & Boden ideology of their platform. The settlers adopt violent tactics while MY follows the “Moshe Legalité” strategy used so successfully by the NSDAP until 1933. They’re two sides of the same coin.

  2. “There can never be any commonality between the two. All that is possible is war.”

    How is your attitude different than Marzel himself regarding the Arabs?

  3. While I don’t condone violence against civilians, it is sad that the Israeli government and most Jews don’t recognize Hebron as one of the few original jewish settlements, purchased by Abraham himself. That we have to legitimize a Jewish presence there is ridiculous.

  4. You’re fanning the flames of hatred with the settlers and the right wing, who are not as heartless as you seek to portray them. Why do you have such a reticence to take their side?

  5. So you didn’t write this at MagnesZionist:

    “Of course, this is but one house. And a battle won doesn’t win the war. We’ve got to keep our eyes on the war against the settlers. If we lose that then we’ve lost everything including possibly Israel itself–or at least Israel as we know it.”

    “War against the settlers” Richard? I don’t see the difference between your attitude toward the settlers and a rightist’s attitude toward the Arabs. To you, the settlers are a threat to Israel and her democracy, to a rightist the Arabs are a threat to Israel and her democracy. And when all is said and done, the rightist has the better case.

  6. Malcolm Hoenlein and his entire organization has continually been an embarrassment to the Jewish people. He is not a leader, rather a tyrant and for the sake of the Jewish people should step down from his position. He delegitimizes American Jewish organizations to the point that nobody cares what he and the associated organizations have to say. Step down please!

  7. @Yoni: NO. Rightists despise Israeli democracy. They don’t believe Arabs are a threat to “democracy.” They believe Arabs are a threat to the creation of their Jewish halachic/theocratic state in which Jews like me would be verboten. That’s not a state I want to have anything to do with & you’re damn straight I’m willing to go to war (political war, that is) against everything these pogromists stand for.

    “Rightists have the better case???” So you support the Hilltop Youth? The Baruch Marzels, Daniella Weisses and Dov Wolpes? You support the Hebron pogrom? Pls do tell.

    I had hoped your views were a tad less toxic than them. Perhaps I was wrong.

  8. You’re fanning the flames of hatred with the settlers and the right wing, who are not as heartless as you seek to portray them

    Dovid: Not ALL the settlers are as noxious as those rioting in Hebron & my disgust is not directed at them. But the Hebronistas surely are the ones fanning the flames of hatred. Though perhaps you don’t mind Jews who fan the flames of hatred as long as the hatred is directed at Palestinians rather than fellow Jews.

  9. It is the leftist who have a strangle hold on the government and know so little about Judaism including the fact that Hebron is as Jewish as Jerusalem, having been bought by Abraham. Uncomfortable with their judaism and their right to exist, the leftist will initiate another pogrom, similar to Gaza, all in the name of giving Arabs more land. That you personally love Jimmy “KKK” Karter’s racist literary attempt to regain some limelight is indicative of someone who sees the worst in Israel and Judaism without acknowledging the truly positive ethical calling of our religion.

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