5 thoughts on “Chabad House Mumbai Death Toll Rises to 9 – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard,

    Did you ever think of the possibility of Mossad’s involvement? How come if the killers are Muslim, the majority dead are either Muslims or Hindus? How come the commandoes arrive right in time when the assailants enter the Nariman House? How come if this is an attack on the Israelis, the majority dead are not them? How come these attackers rented the Nariman House property prior to this incident? Considering the fact that Mossad has done it before with the train bombings, why can’t they do it again? Obama can readily deploy troops in Afghanistan the moment he takes power. Its not the bogus Muslim organizations names that the Indians are churning out right and left, its Mossad-Al-CIA-da that we need to be worried about.

  2. As an Israeli
    Nobody in Israel is in any position to badmouth India.

    Is Israel better than India in such bloody activities ? Please, he who says yes, give details? Should I remind people about the Indian soldiers who died trying to save non-Indians, Jews included.
    People are blaming India for not being a security state and for not having a know-all secret police and for not having an armed guard in any street corner and in every public place. I envy them for that and I wish them well.

    All in all, thank you India

  3. Dear Richard,
    People in India are asking the very same questions from their leaders and intelligence agencies as you are.
    Home Minister Shivraj Patil, Deputy Chief Minister RR Patil and after much insistence Chief Minister of Mahrashtra Vilas Rao Deshmukh have resigned because of their negligence.
    News reports are stating that the state government did receive information but chose to ignore it. (I need to research this topic more). PM Manmohan has finally said that we will have National Security Guard forces in atleast 4 cities in India, although this number needs to expand.

    The stores coming out about the hostages being tortured is sickening. I have had no experience in security operations such as these but why were they allowed to killl and torture all those hostages? I thought the whole point of moving slow was to protect the hostages.

    The truth is that all those affected have a right to question but the buck doesn’t stop there. We must all question the US if it doesn’t take a hard stance against Pakistan’s blantant complicity towards terrorism. It’s a joke knowing exactly where these terrorist camps are in Pakistan and not being able to do anything about it. We need US support.

    P.S. – Currently I have no idea who I am going to vote for in the coming elections. Politicians have shown a blatant disregard towards the Indian public sentiment. It’s as if they no longer feel accountable.

  4. dear richard,
    you are right,for a superpower in waiting,india is woefully inadequate on a lot of fronts,perhaps this is a wake-up call
    for indian politicians to be accountable…
    the money hungry selfish power corrupt politicians need to be
    booted out …
    pakistan has similar politicians along with the rabble rousing mullahs and their gun-toting cretins who they unleash on
    mumbai shores…
    how do we get rid of this growing cancer[terrorism]????

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