10 thoughts on “Clinton State Department: Arab-Americans Need Not Apply – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I’m more cynical about Obama than you have been, but if he could at least squeeze some fairminded people like Robert Malley into the mix, I’d feel better. But yeah, it’ll be ridiculous and won’t bode well if Arab-Americans are kept out of advisory positions on this subject.

  2. But someone will have to explain to me why Palestinians or Arab states in general should trust America as a honest broker if we can’t even include in our midst Arab-Americans as members of the foreign policy team?

    I suppose no Arab has had for a long time an illusion that USA is a honest broker.

    Well the Russian, Chinese and EU politicians and businessmen are happy. The loners USA stays in the Israeli “corner” the better chances they have to grow their influence in Middle East, get more of the lucrative trades and oil money investments.

  3. I want to make a prediction.8 years from now nothing would have changed for the better.The occupation will be 49 years old then.Sound cynical I guess but I’m starting to not believe in doves and ‘Peace Now’, we don’t have the ability to change the status quo.What is needed is super power influence like here in South Africa.I do not see US applying the required pressure on Israeli government.

  4. It may sound cruel but concentrating on Israel probably represents misspent effort.

    Activists have to focus on thwarting the effort of Israel advocates to render the US government and society structurally anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab and anti-Islam.

    I discuss some of the issues in this article on the HLF trial, and we should certainly advocate on behalf of the HLF defendants, but a more effective strategy might involve trying to induce the DOJ to investigate Benjamin Emanuel for deportation and to apply the anti-terrorism laws to groups and individuals that support Zionist terrorism against Palestinians.

    Either the laws will enforced equally or they will be removed from the US Criminal code. Either outcome is a win, and such activism would provide an opportunity to educate the American public about the threat that many Israel advocates pose to ordinary Americans and the American way of life.

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