12 thoughts on “Samantha Power Advocates 82nd Airborne Occupy Tel Aviv – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Martin Indyk called several years ago for Israeli forces on the West Bank and Gaza to withdraw, and to be replaced by a multi-lateral force. OK, so that is not a forced intervention. But Indyk, not exactly known for being pro-Palestinian was suggesting international intervention. Needless to say, Israel shot that down, and Indyck buried the idea, as far as I know.

    By the way, on one of the political shows tonight, the rightwing blogger Hugh Hewitt shouted at Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, “Do you know who Rashid Khalidi is?” (needless to say he mispronounced the name. Wasserman Schultz ignored him, but I wish she had shouted back, “Do you know who Senator Joseph McCarthy is.”

  2. What do you think Cindy Sheehan would say if her son was part of such a force? Would you allow your children to participate in this force?

  3. Thanks for this you tube. It is scarier than anything the RJC could put together. Imagine the domestic anti-Semitism that will arise when American boys are killed either defending Israel or attacking Israel

  4. What does “shreying” mean? Also, given that Marty peretz has endorsed Obama, would one assume that he would support this plan?

  5. @Rev John Momo: Different situation entirely. In the case of the I-P situation, both sides would welcome a force that would separate them & provide them with a respite from murderous attacks emanating fr. the other side as long as both sides decided they could live with the political solution offered to them. Personally, I’d be proud to have my son participate in such a peacekeeping operation.

  6. @Acai Berri:

    …would one assume that he would support this plan?

    I think you’re trying to be cute–too cute by half. And it’s not working.

    BTW, I don’t provide Yiddish lessons to nudniks. Look both words up on Google.

  7. Given the US track record on intervening in other countries – the latest being Iraq – I can’t believe that any peace group would advocate any American military invasion of any country for any reason.
    If you want to really promote peace in the Middle East and you are an American this is what you should be doing:
    1) fight to end US dependence on the oil companies
    2) fight the military industrial complex

    US military contractors make millions off of the continued conflict in the Middle East. There are million of jobs in the US directly or indirectly related to this industry. They have no economic interest in seeing it end. That the Israeli peace movement ignores this fact and sees the US as some kind of Messiah is incredible. I thought the religious right were the only ones to believe in such superstitions.
    There will be no peace in the Middle East until Middle Easterners themselves end their dependence on colonial and neo-colonial powers. You would think that after over a century and a half of such dependency they/we would learn to stop being dependent on superpowers who have been enriching themselves while we drown in debt, live in poverty and kill each other. There is no Messiah, no knight in shining armor.
    Given what the US did in Vietnam, in Iraq, in Chile, in Panama, in Japan… in fact name one country that the US invaded that it didn’t devastate. If you know even the most basic history of US intervention you should be scared.

  8. @Sharon: We’re not talking about an invasion. That’s how the Jewish right is characterizing this. If you’re not a member of the Jewish right you should exercise a bit of caution & not fall into their rhetoric.

    You simply do not understand how desperate the situation is in Palestine. Before you mischaracterize Power’s proposal, you should read up on how horrible things are. Likening Gaza to some of the awful international basket case situations Power refers to in her interview isn’t far off the mark. So, do you want to sit around and let Israel & Palestine slug it out until perhaps a nuclear weapon is dentonated or some other horror occurs? Or would you prefer that the U.S. be part of the solution?

    You can sit w. yr head in the sand as we’re doing re: Darfur & as we did in Rwanda & for too long in Bosnia & Kosovo; or you can act. Acting would be messy, no question about it. But what’s the alternative??

    How, btw, do you propose that Israel “end its dependency on” U.S. “colonial power?” What if that won’t happen for the next say, 60-80 yrs.? Then what? Do you have a suggestion for how you can drive a wedge bet. the 2? Because if you did you should be putting out yr shingle as an international relations consultant specialist & start raking in some real money. I simply don’t see this happening, period. And unlike you I’m not willing to wait around till the Messiah comes for the U.S. to stop propping Israel up.

    The U.S. did pretty well by Bosnia & Kosovo. If something similar ever happened in Israel-Palestine it would not be a sole U.S. operation. It would be an international one like the UN force in Lebanon. And it would involve the U.S. & EU prob. coming up w. a mutually agreed upon solution in consultation w. Israelis & Palestinians. This happened in Kosovo and it could happen in Israel Palestine too.

  9. Richard what you are saying is pure speculation. You are not a general and you do not know what the 82 or any other airborne division would do. These are armed forces you are talking about not diplomats or negotiators.
    The root of the problem since the time of the Tanzimat Reforms and the French invasion of Algeria in the Middle East has been Western intervention – that is the source of the problem. How can it possibly be the solution? Al laish tafakir wa ana la arif aye she ala mintaka a-sharq al-ousat? Me efo ata yodea al mi ani ve ma ani yodaat o lo yodaat al Yisrael ve Falastin? Garti sham shes shanim!
    Also I don’t sell my advice to anyone – those who do are part of the problem not part of the solution.

  10. @Sharon:

    Western intervention – that is the source of the problem. How can it possibly be the solution?

    There is no such thing as an ironclad rule about what will work or won’t work as far as the I-P conflict is concerned. And not every evil in the ME derives fr. Western intervention (though that is a very large part of the evil for sure). Native/local players have done more than their share of the evil as well. In fact, the entire reason the west should intervene is that the parties have shown themselves entirely incapable of acting responsibly.

    The west has intervened in some conflicts in various parts of the world & done so fairly responsibly and judiciously. THat could be possible within the I-P situation as well.

  11. I agree with Ms Power.
    Peace seem to be an impossible thing now after the massacre in Gaza. Israel can’t possible beleive that they can reach peace after so brutally killed all those children and familys in Gaza!?

    Everything is on Israels terms, and that’s wrong. They act as they had a cart blanch (and they have that from the rest of the world) Whatever they do, how brutally it is, the world say it’s ok. When Palestineans defends themself they are called terrorists. When Israel defend themself it’s called that they have the right to defend themself.

    The underlaying message here is that the Palestineans does not have the right to defend themself. If they do, they are just terroists. Leader after leader in the world repeat this mantra “Israel have to defend themself”.
    Doesn’t the Palestinians have the right to do so too?

    Why did they fire the rockets?
    First of all, everybody exept Norway refused to communicate with Hamas. Palestine was punished by blockade, the embargo, and people didn’t have enough food. Israel decided who could come in, or out n their check points, refused like the rest of the world to communicate with Hamas who was elected in a democratic way.

    A big mistake to isolate a people like that, terrorise them with assults etc and then, finally ,the rockets came. If one suck all the hope away from people, ..then what is left?
    Rockets where expected i would say. (Cause and effect)

    It’s also a terrible difference in the kind of weapons used here. Israel have a huge army, weapons of mass destructions and resources – Hamas has rockets and stones from the streets. They only see closed doors.

    It’s not two ecual forces fighting with each others. One are the victims and the other are the conquers, or it’s better to blame UN at the time for just giving away a country like that. It was before the human rights.
    It was when colonialism still was accepted.

    Don’t forget that it is the Palestinian that was forced out of the country where they had been living for generations. Jews and palestinians were living side by side before 1948.

    So one have to, the world have to, even Israel have to acknowledge that a terrible injustice was made in 1948.
    I think, at least, it’s important that the world acknowledge this painful injustice against the Palestinian people, instead of totally ignore these facts.

    It wouldn’t be possible today for UN to take a land, decide over the people who lives there – and just give it away.

    It can’t be peace until we have a more justice view on this. It’s a joke to listnening to leaders flat reactions to the massacre in Gaza now. I’m deeply a shame over the Israelians.

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