4 thoughts on “Why Are Jewish Media Accepting Republican Jewish Coalition Smear Ads? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. republican jews are weakening, that’s what’s behind the desperation. my frum republican neighbors are starting to realize that they have been snookered – and they are beginning to realize their stupidity in supporting mccain/palin. THIS SMEAR CAMPAIGN WILL BACKFIRE AND EXPLODE IN THE FACES OF THE REPUBLICANS – because it is so transparently last-minute-desperate and false. —> don’t demand answers from editors —> demand that the false ads be removed and banned.

  2. @Beth: You apparently don’t know how to create a proper link & yours is broken.

    As with all dog turd emanating from American Thinker and Commentary this is a lie fr. start to finish. First, Samantha Power is not an Obama advisor and has not been for many months.

    Second, if the accounts from the right-wing pro-Israel press are true (& given their credibility there’s no reason to trust that they are), what Power advocated (in 2002 I might add) was the U.S. imposing a political solution on both sides of the conflict along the lines of what Bill Clinton should’ve done in Rwanda (but didn’t). The political solution would be guaranteed by a military force which might include U.S. troops (in her proposal–& again only if the right wing sources are describing her views accurately). This, by the way, is an alternative that has been advanced by numerous Mideast analysts both Israeli and American Jewish.

    Calling this a military invasion is utter lunacy & shows just how desperate & depraved yr side is now that it appears Obama will win.

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