9 thoughts on “Livni Squeaks to Leadership Victory, Becomes Next Prime Minister – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, you’re the second person to describe Livni as potentially becoming “only the second female prime minister in the nation’s history,” as if Israel has some particular problem vis-a-vis women in the PM’s seat. Surely having had two women as PM would put Israel somewhere near the top of the league table on that particular issue? It’s also a particularly odd turn of phrase given that you come from a country which has never had a female head of state.

  2. The title isn’t even accurate, since if Livni does not form a government the country goes to elections and Olmert will be PM until that time. So she, MAY be the next prime minister but it isn’t guaranteed. In the meantime, Olmert hasn’t resigned yet and Ramon has began a campaign to delay his resignation. Barak is calling for an “emergency” government and elections. In other words the usual Israeli political balagan.

  3. It’s also worth pointing out that if Livni does become PM, three major organs of state will be headed by women – Livni (executive), Itzhik (legislative), and Beinish (judiciary).

  4. @Alex Stein: I think you’re a tad sensitive & defensive & completely read into my phrasing a meaning I didn’t have when I wrote it. Having a woman as PM is a good thing. Having a woman as president would be a good thing (as long as it was Hillary Clinton & not Sarah Palin!).

    But if you think Israel is a “liberated” country as far as gender equality is concerned you’re off your nut (& a guy to boot).

  5. I don’t think I ever said that Israel was a liberated country as far as gender equality is concerned; merely that in this sphere (having women in positions of leadership), it’s doing ok.

  6. @Alex Stein:

    Good, I’m glad we agree on both of those points.

    The reason I brought the point up was that the Amer. Jewish Congress attempted to buy a full page ad in Ms. Magazine touting the fact that Israel has female political leaders & use it as a cheerleading vehicle for Israel in general. I wrote a post about the whole sorry story.

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