11 thoughts on “Foxman: Shillin’ for Palin and Jews for Jesus – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I wonder if Sarah is a paid-up member of Michael Chabon’s “Yiddish Policeman’s Union”? If you haven’t read that book, you don’t know what you’ve missed. Abe Foxman would be a character right out of it!

  2. @Zhubajie:

    There weren’t any specific books. She asked the librarian 3 times whether she WOULD ban books if Palin directed her to. When the librarian categorically refused Palin didn’t pursue the matter & then fired her. If the librarian had said yes, then we would’ve seen a list.

  3. Sorry. It was given to me by a source I have found trustworthy in the past. I will see if there’s any further information, but as its 12:30 am in LA, I will have to wait until tomorrow.

    It doesn’t change your principle point, with which I agree about both Abe Foxman and about Sarah Palin

    There is similar information about Palin and so called reparative therapy for gay people to make us straight through Xtianity.

    If they are all untrue I hope that she will publically reputiate them.

  4. @The Golem: Yes, I agree. THough the list doesn’t exist, the issues still remain. The fact that she WANTED to ban books is equally disturbing whether or not there is a list. I’m sure her Church believes in reparative therapy as so many evangelicals do. Given the Jews for Jesus speech at her Church I wouldn’t doubt if there are anti-Semitic attitudes lurking beneath that veneer. We’ll have to see what comes up.

  5. Great piece, as always Richard. Foxman really does have twenty heads.

    and yes yes yes to this point: “Clearly, Abe’s covering for Palin and trying to deflect legitimiate criticism from Palin and her church. Let it not be said that the ADL is a non-partisan operation. Somehow Barack Obama’s black church was anti-Semitic and the candidate had to take personal responsibility for the hate spoken there; while Palin is treated to an entirely different standard.”

  6. I’m not fan of Jews for Jesus, but I think Foxman’s position notably changed after the spate of anti-Christian attacks in Israel.

    And FWIW-Foxman is a liberal and a Democrat and is vilified by the Jewish Right. Just because he doesn’t hold by every position we’d like him to doesn’t mean that he’s playing for the other team.

  7. @Mobius:

    I don’t know what the word “liberal” means anymore if we’re going to call Abe that. He’s an anti-Semite hound who finds them under practically every bed. He’s an opportunist who hasn’t had a principle in years if he ever had any. Can hardly acknowledge there was an Armenian genocide. Is that liberal? I don’t know.

    If Henry Jackson was a liberal then Abe Foxman is a liberal. But Henry Jackson was not a liberal. At best he was a centrist whose views on foreign policy were in tune w. Ronald Reagan. Similary Foxman’s views on Israel are NOT liberal unless you want to call Ariel Sharon or Bibi liberal. And if you look at who he’s denounced for anti-Semitic views you’ll find the roster pretty heavy on liberal Democrats (Ted Turner, Barack Obama, etc.) & pretty light on Republicans & neocons.

    I just think Abe should play by the same rules for both parties. If Obama had to denounce his church why does Palin get a pass for similar issues regarding her own?

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