3 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani on Being a Good Wife and Mother – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I cannot guess about the time Palin took to consider her option to become a candidate. I can say with personal experience that having a disabled child is an obstacle to unfettered success in the workplace. The demands required to navigate the social, educational and healthcare systems is ‘special’ to say the least. Nothing close to the usual demands of parenting – which we all know are high demands if we want to do our best.

    And the demands of the presidency or the vice presidency are likewise beyond the usual stuff of even the most demanding corporate workplace. Having a disabled child is a constant demanding situation and a black hole. i know – I held down an executive position for 9 years with a profoundly disabled child, a supportive husband and caregivers. Its not enough. Society isnt set up for success in this circumstance. I had to work; I’m glad I was able to do so; I had plenty of need for accomodation. The oval office is not a place for accomodation to be made. Why do people think this is a feminist issue? it isnt.

    — Marsha ( a feminist from way back and mother of a high needs child)

  2. @Marsha: Thanks for your valuable perspective. Personally, I think you should consider writing about this subject either at a blog or submitting something to Huffington Post or even Ms. or another feminist or political publication. You have a unique viewpt that few in society have fr. which to judge this issue.

  3. When I saw a picture of Sarah Palin in People magazine with her newborn (with Down’s Syndrome) in her arms, she was dressed to the nines, lipstick applied, ready for business, on the phone, no less. My newborn, same age as hers, is hanging off of my breast in my home office, my shoulders are slumped and I am in my bathrobe trying to sound professional, on the phone, looking like hell. Give me a break, what a fake. What a stupid picture, resonating with any mother anywhere to be a lie, lie, lie. Please.

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