14 thoughts on “Palin: Iraq War ‘Task from God’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thank you for noticing that she basically said, as Governor of Alaska, that non-Christians weren’t welcome and/or would have to convert in order for anything worthwhile to be accomplished.

    This sort of line is something out of the 19th century – and while even President Lincoln invoked the Almighty, he had the decency to acknowledge that the Civil War came about, in no small part, because of each side’s conviction that God’s will was being done.

  2. Talk about separation of church and state…

    Palin is a Christian, speaking ia Church, presumabely to other Christians. She wasn’t speaking in a school. Seperation of Church and State doesn’t mean that the governor has to stop believing in Jesus.

    Frankly, candidates like Palin are the Jews’ worst nightmare.

    Speak for yourself. Many Jews are quite comfortable with Christians.

    The sentiments she expresses are part of a vestigial memory we internalize about what intolerance and bigotry sounds like.

    Which sentiments. I listened to the clip and could’t find any.

    But we know when we’re not wanted and as non-believers we’re not wanted in Sarah Palin’s theocratic world view.

    This is a very harsh accusation. Can you back it up somehow?

    In the words of this candidate there can be no kindness for Jews

    Which words exactly? What are you talking about? I must have missed something.

    We know it (intolerance and bigotry ) when we hear it.

    I’m hearing it from you. Against Christians.

  3. @amir: I didn’t say she has to stop believing in Jesus. But she has to stop claiming that her commitment to Jesus supercedes her commitment to her elected office (as her pastor said on her behalf). She has to stop claiming that her political views & projects are somehow endorsed by God.

    I’m quite comfortable w. most Christians. But most Jews (unlike you) are quite uncomfortable with Bible-thumping evangelicals of this variety. If you’re not uncomfortable w. these views check out the Jews for Jesus sermon (covered by Ben Smith at Politico) delivered w. Palins in attendance which blamed terror against Israelis for Jews not accepting Jesus. Still comfortable w. Palins’ brand of Christianity??

    I’m really comfortable w. yr support for Palin & evangelicals because it only goes to show how out of touch you are with the typical American Jew’s perspective on these issues.

  4. It bothers you that Palin’s Church invited the leader of Jews for Jesus to speak and Palin was there? But it doesn’t bother you that Obama’s reverand gave an award to Farrakhan?
    It’s true that I may differ with “typical American Jews”. I never claimed to be one.
    And I never said I supported Palin, there are many disturbing things about her, like that her oldest son has tatoos and she brags about it. That would probably turn off more New York Jewish voters than her belief in Jesus. I was reacting by what I saw as an unjustified and unsubstantiated attack by you on her religious beliefs and that they imply anti-semitism or xenophobia.
    And frankly, “bible thumping” in a church doesn’t seem so wrong to me.

  5. @amir: Hell yes, if she’s running for VP it bothers me that she was there while a shyster Christian missionary said Israelis deserved to be murdered because they didn’t accept Jesus. Doesn’t that bother you?

    As for Wright, you may not recall that he severed his ties w. Wright. I’m waiting for Palin to sever her ties w. her Church.

    I know you’re trying to be funny about the tatoos in that feeble way you have, but minimizing the offense that Jews will take in all this news doesn’t do yr political perspective any favors.

  6. Being punished for ones transgressions is hardly an idea that originated in Palin’s church. New York Jews call it karma.
    As I recall you defended Obama not cutting off Wright, before he did.

  7. @amir: Yes, I defended Obama’s relationship to his church until his pastor went on the rampage at the National Press Club. Then it was clear to everyone that he had to do disassociate himself, which he did.

    Apparently, not enough people know just how loony tunes her church is–YET. But just as with Pastor Hagee, they WILL know eventually. And it will not go well with her when they do.

  8. Let’s see if I can get a word in here between postings by Richard Silverstein and amir.

    If McCain is elected, then dies in office (I’m in my 70s too – I could go at any time – he’s no different), then Sarah Palin will be our next president.

    Hold that thought ..

    It is EVERYBODY’S worst nightmare, including the fundamentalist Christians, whether they know it or not, to have a president who believes that sending our troops to Iraq, or to ANY country for that matter, is a task from God.

  9. I’m starting to feel more positive about a Repub victory.

    Think about it…all the decisions we have to make in life – what to eat, what to wear, where to live, where to work, who to live with, whether or not to have children, what to watch or read, who to be friends with,…
    It makes me tired just thinking about it.

    Now…under a theocracy we wouldn’t have to make all those decisions. They’d be made for us. Maybe not so bad.

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