15 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Family Values – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This “election campaign” looks more and more like a soap opera. Maybe that’s appropriate given the convergence of news and entertainment on the mainstream media.

    Interesting that when a Black teenager has a baby out of wedlock, it threatens Western civilization, it indicates bad upbringing, it bespeaks lack of character, but when a White teenager does it, it’s a sign of family values. I saw a White conservative politician who was eager to talk about his 18-year old grand-daughter, born out of wedlock. It’s gotten to be a status symbol.

    I obviously disagree with Richard as to the effect the pregnancy will have on the political chances of Palin or McCain. As far as the morality of teenager pregnancy, I make no comment.

  2. I don’t know if I can agree with Ellen on the above – Richard, you’re probably right about all these disclosures sinking Palin.

    I do however, agree with her previous comment about a possible conspiracy theory. I’l go even further and say that this is a prelude to dumping McCain, period. I still think some “emergency” will arise that will “justify” postponing the election altogether, and this regime will remain in place. McCain is a loose cannon along with being a weak candidate. All odds are that Obama should win against him. The powers-that-be are not going give up all they have worked so hard and long for because of a simple election. The whole process has become a side show to the advent of a fascist takeover of the country. Hence Georgia, Gustav and, eventually Iran. I’ve already placed bets on it!

  3. I partly agree with Gene. I think that all this is much noise that signifies nothing, because I expect that beginning of November we will either have a terrorist attack or a “credible” threat of one, in order to ensure a McCain victory.

    I do not think that the personality of McCain matters, he is the public face of the organization, whatever organization it is, that decides who will run for president. I think the same is true of Obama.

  4. Interesting article by Max Blumenthal in The Nation on the vetting of Sarah Palin:
    “Last week, while the media focused almost obsessively on the DNC’s spectacle in Denver, the country’s most influential conservatives met quietly at a hotel in downtown Minneapolis to get to know Sarah Palin. The assembled were members of the Council for National Policy, an ultra-secretive cabal that networks wealthy right-wing donors together with top conservative operatives to plan long-term movement strategy.”

    Truth is scarier than speculation!

  5. I think this Palin “noise” signifies a lot though I personally am getting overdosed. I get the picture. Especially for those undecideds who could not see some things before, perhaps the choice of Palin is something that they can see. For whatever Palin’s values are and however she is actually exciting many conservatives right now, she is not ready to be Vice-President never-mind ready to be President. This is not only a very risky choice for McCain but more importantly it’s risky for the country, should McCain’s gamble pay off and should he win. Putting her on the ticket is a disservice to the country. But it was all about strategy and not about putting the country first.

    Also, I have to say that I think McCain himself is damaged from his POW experience. He was hopping mad tonight about the questions.

    And I see McCain as being caught in a vice or a cage right now, not his own man, if he ever once was.

  6. “The real issue here is the betrayal of Palin’s own religious values that such a pregnancy represents. I can hear evangelicals across America groan as they read this news or hear it on their TVs. While Christians are supposed to be a forgiving lot”

    Let us comment here, shall we?

    We shall!

    “The real issue here is the betrayal of Palin’s own religious values that such a pregnancy represents.”
    This is a poster child for how abstinence edukashon and preying real real hard kinda does not work. The pee pee went into the briar patch…

    Oh and by the by, the man was 26, the girl 17… or younger.

    Statutory rape?

    Naw, not for republikans.

    “While Christians are supposed to be a forgiving lot”
    What gave you THAT idea?

    Not American xtians, that’s for sure.

    Somehow the “turn the other cheek” sermon is not very much in use these days.

    “Neither is love your neighbor”, come to think of it…

  7. Do we know for certain that it was not an immaculate conception? I think they should name the child “Abstinance”!

  8. ellen said: This “election campaign” looks more and more like a soap opera.

    I’m listening to Ms. Palin’s big speech right now and I’m channeling “I Dream of Jeannie”. Go figure!

  9. So now we have a red-meat Valkyrie as a VP candidate, or perhaps she’s a reactionary Barbie doll. Hardly matters what we call this “rose”, she’s pretty damned remarkable, hanging her pregnant kid out there for all the world to ogle. And that, together with all those shots of the hot-shot jock who did the kid in should go a very long way nationally to encourage teen pregnancy, even its desirability, given the exciting center-stage focus and acceptability such love-making seems to bring. Way to go, Sarah! And with your utterly idealistic opposition to abortion even where rape or incest precedes impregnation, might we not logically conclude that you are thus a de facto supporter of the procreation rights of rapists and incest perpetrators? Good God, only in America, even where the candidate’s state isn’t a contiguous one! At least this troglodytic creature is good looking and thus just right, along with her charming all-American family, for endless photo ops in support of her fellow candidate, who never met a bomb he didn’t like. It is truly a strange kind of relief to sense that we could have four years of governance which makes that of the previous eight actually look liberal, because suicide does promise a means of escape.

  10. While it is nice to have a (VP) candidate whose values are proven wrong and dysfunctional (and should be mentioned as such again and again), the real problem of this election are different:
    1. Comments in The Nation-link did mention the risk of some kind of crisis in early november which will help McCain win (and I cannot jump to an idea how average voters could stop the making of something like that)
    2. hired hacks getting access to enough voting machines (Princeton university and a university in the Netherlands have published reports how easy it is to manipulate them) or worse, the central computers where the data are stored (was there not a TV show with Howard Dean where somebody showed this in 2000?)
    As the Carter foundation does not watch elections in the US you need lots of election watchers, but there are not too many trained people in Europe either as we are just beginning to see the risk in voting machines!

  11. A question. How can Sarah Palin manage our government when she can’t manage her own family? Regardless of what anyone says or thinks, teen-age pregnancy is NOT OK. Children shouldn’t be having children…period. And as far as I’m concerned, it’s the parents’ responsibility to look out for the welfare of their minor children.
    I’m shocked that Sarah Palin would even consider accepting nomination. Now, by default, teenage pregnancy has the stamp of approval of the Republican party.
    I can only hope that people smarten up before November.

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