14 thoughts on “Debbie Schlussel and Masada2000: Match Made in the Gutter – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. There really are a lot of crazies out there. These Jewish nuts are as bad, if not worse than the Evangelicals or Islamist fanatics. It makes one ashamed for the human race, let alone heirs of Spinoza.

    It’s too bad you juxtaposed this trash with Jonah’s innocent and charming drawings. On the other hand, maybe that’s what is needed as a cathartic for the preceding trash.

    Thanks for both, Richard.

  2. I note you’re on Masada2000’s “SHIT” list, along with many others whose company I’d regard the highest honour. Even Judah Magnes, lo and behold, is there (although that might just be Jerry Haber).
    Their language though is straight out of The Eternal Jew.

    @Gene: if these lunatics are heirs of Spinoza then Julius Streicher was a heir of Goethe.

  3. @gene schulman:

    I only hope that I can be worthy to be Spinoza’s heir.

    On a humorous note, whenever I hear that a fellow Jew is ostracized for their political views or hounded out of a job with a Jewish organization for violating communal consensus over some issue or another I always jokingly invite them to join the Spinoza Society, a group of honorable Jews whose views are too hot for the community to handle. If it was good enough for Spinoza, then it’s good enough for me.

  4. Richard.

    Ethically, morally and intellectually, you are worthy. You just have to remember one thing; Spinoza did a way with “God.” As did Einstein. Are you willing to do that? I did, a long time ago.

  5. @gene schulman:

    I consider myself an agnostic & am not prepared to do away with God entirely as I feel too close to my religious tradition to do so.

    You certainly know more about Spinoza than I, but I always had the impression that he was deeply imbued with an interest in theology and inquiring into the nature of the divine or at least of what some of us might call the divine.

  6. (Is it just me or) Does’t that particular subset of wingnuts seem to have a very profound anal fixation?

  7. @John Dickerson: Oh yeah. I don’t believe I ever saved this comment but…one of them wrote this horrific, graphic sexual fantasy/nightmare suggesting I should be raped by an Arab male. There is a lot of sexual domination, sadism, shame and humilitation at work in their libidos. One can only wonder where this stuff comes from in their twisted psyches.

  8. You are 100% wrong. Masada2000 is not the creation of Chaim Ben Pesach or Victor Vancier. I used to chat with the creator of Masada2000 and I know someone who met him personally. He is an extremely witty individual with a wild sense of humor as you should be able to tell from the website. It is not Chaim.

    1. He is an extremely witty individual with a wild sense of humor as you should be able to tell from the website.

      I guess wit and humor is in the eye of the beholder. If you think calling for the rape of Jewish women is witty or humorous, then I guess you’re right.

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