3 thoughts on “McCain Invokes Kahane’s ‘Never Again!’ in Defending Israel Against Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Just because Wikipedia says something doesn’t necessarily mean it is true. I recall mainline Jewish organizations using the phrase as well. McCain probably doesn’t even know who Kahane was. One has to admit that the phrase is pretty pithy and memorable so I can see how people would want to use it.
    In the 1999 Israeli election campaign, Ehud Barak decided that the Labor Party’s slogan would be “mahar shayach li” which is “Tomorrow Belongs To Me”, which people pointed out was the slogan of the Hitler Youth, leading Barak to drop it like a hot potato. Does that mean that Barak was a closet Nazi?

  2. @bar_kochba132: After a Google search, I discovered that Kahane likely latched on to the phrase via a Holocaust documentary circa 1961. If you do the same search you will find another NY Times article marking Kahane’s death in which the reporter confirms Kahane’s association w. the phrase. It may be true that other groups took up the call after Kahane. But it was his phrase and most American Jews who are engaged with Jewish issues & identity know this, as I do.

    As for Barak embracing the phrase “tomorrow belongs to me,” his campaign staff were stupid if they didn’t do a search to discover the connection to the Nazis BEFORE they adopted it.

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