12 thoughts on “Olmert Proposes Iran Naval Blockade – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Although the following item is not related to this thread, I though it would be of interest to you Richard….
    A French court of appeals in Paris just ruled that the infamous film supposedly shot at the Netzarim Junction in the Gaza strip in October 2000 which is supposed to show the young Muhammed al-Dura being killed by Israeli army fire while cowering behind a cement block with his father was faked. A French Jew, Phillipe Karsenty, some years ago wrote an article accusing French TV journalist Charles Enderlin of using film of a staged incident to blacken Israel’s reputation. Enderlin sued Karsenty for libel and won the original trial. However, as I understand it, only an edited part of the film was presented at the trial for evidence. Karesenty appealed the verdict and the appeals court demanded that the entire, unedited film be shown. This film shows Arabs milling around the area where the “gunbattle” was supposedly taking place and it also shows Muhammed moving after he was supposedly killed.
    Maybe there is a lesson to all consumers of news in this story. Apparently at least some journalists and Palestinian propagandists are willing to use fake atrocity stories in order to push their political agenda.

  2. Don’t worry Rich in a couple of years when Iran has the bomb, and they will have it. Then they’ll cut the straits of Hormuz themselves whenever they feel like it. Then they will really have us by the balls. It won’t take a naval blockade. Or when they get it then the gulf states will feel the need for the atom bombs. Turkey, Egypt, Syria. Then the whole region, the most unstable in the world will be on a hair trigger nuclear alert. But all will be well, Obama will go over, sing kumbaya, and all will be well.

  3. bar_kochba132: Actually, that’s not what happened. The court threw out the libel case, saying essentially that Karsenty had not been proven to have libelled Enderlin et al, but the court also said that it did not rule out that the journalists involved had acted responsibly. In other words, it was (quite properly) a pretty limited ruling on a libel case.

    I note that now one of the main criticisms of the film is that Muhammad al-Durrah had the temerity to move his body after being shot… apparently that surprises some people.

  4. @bar_kochba132:

    On such a charged issue I’m entirely unwilling to believe yr interpretation of these events esp. since you haven’t provided a link to a reputable journalistic source. When you can do so then you can talk. Till then, sorry Charlie.

  5. Just waiting for the 12th imam to appear. Look, I know Obama will lay hands and make everything better. The Iranians will melt under his charm, not go for the bomb and there will be no nuclear arms race in the middle east. Got it.

  6. Karsenty called Enderlin liar. He sued for libel and he lost. In a French court. Which I’m willing to bet is a pretty pro-palestinian venue. Why is it so hard to believe that the Arabs shot this kid in a propaganda move. Or does that not fit into your world view.

  7. Bill Pearlman: I’m not sure that there’s any evidence that a French court would necessarily be a ‘pro-Palestinian’ venue, any more than, say, an American court would be a ‘pro-Israeli’ one. I’d expect that a presumption of even-handedness would hold in both cases, without additional evidence. In any case, this was an appeal of a libel conviction, and the lawyers for France 2 says this decision would, in turn, be appealed. Stay tuned.

    Both sides in this conflict seem to be pretty good at shooting kids, so, again, on that basis there’s no a priori reason to exclude one set of possible perpetrators or the other.

  8. And which country’s navy would be employed in this blockade?

    The tiny Israeli Navy?

    Or would Israel’s dumber, bigger goy friend be employed AGAIN on behalf of Israeli interests?

  9. @Bill Pearlman:

    Why is it so hard to believe that the Arabs shot this kid in a propaganda move

    Because you believe it, for one. Pretty much anything you believe I know is going to be full of shit, including this. And again, yr characterization of the case & the ruling has absolutely no weight here. Once again, find a reputable journalistic source if you want anyone to take anything you say seriously. If not, you’re just full of hot air.

    Mohammed Al Dura is completely off topic in this thread. Staying on topic is one of my comment rules. No further comments on this issue are welcome fr. Pearlman or Bar Kochba.

  10. You’re been reading too many of those apocalyptic Christian End Times novels
    Being raised in Iran’s early revolutionary years, I have vivid memories of “existential threats” against everything from the revolution to the country/people/etc. lined up by the government propaganda to justify its many insanities like continuing the war with Iraq, its tough stance against the West, the nobility of cause of “the righteous victims” against “all the evil around”, blah, blah, …
    I find it quite amazing the universality of such line of apocalyptic arguments as it is simply enough to exchange a few nouns to reach from one side’s argument to the other. One can hope to change the ignorance who buys such arguments but not the ideology when it is the real cause…

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