3 thoughts on “Reuters Gaza Cameraman, Five Others, Killed by Controversial IDF Weapon – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. As a former tank gunner, i learned to fire these shells. This insidious weapon was introduced to the IDF during Israel’s occupation of Southern Lebanon. I will not be revealing any IDF secrets if I say we trained to shoot these shells at terrorist infiltrators if and when they are spotted at night trying to cross into Israeli territory. Knowing full well the destructive capability of this shell, the IDF – back then – had regulations prohibiting shooting these shells in a direction where civilians are likely to be found. But the war on Gaza, I presume, has its own rules, or to be more accurate, has no rules at all. By using these shells during daytime and firing them toward a journalist’s jeep, Israel shows utter contempt toward the lives of innocent civilians and reporters. When Israelis recite during the Seder “shfoch hamatha al hagoyim…tirdof be’af ve’tashmidem” – what they really mean is we will pour our wrath on Gazan civilians and we will obliterate those Gazan people (by tank shells, Apache helicopters, F-16 bombs, and hermetic blockade) until they wave the Israeli flag and recite Hallel on Yom Ha’atzmaut.

  2. boohoo, Silverstein care to remind us what other heinous “illegal” weapons the Americans are using in Iraq, uh oh what of the “illegal” weapons in Darfur.
    Too much unecessary time is wasted focusing on just about any tiny thing to hang Israel with.
    If its not its use of buldozers today it will be its use of M16 rifles tomorrow.

    What a sad commentary on hypocrisy.

  3. @david: No, I wouldn’t expect someone like you to shed any tears for innocent Palestinian civilians killed by metal darts piercing their neck & severing their spinal cord. You’ve got far more important things to do like putting a down payment on your new apartment in Maaleh Adumim I suppose.

    This blog deals with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict largely. Why would I write about the use of weapons in Darfur or Iraq??

    I’m afraid bulldozers are the least of it when you have indiscriminate weapons like Flechettes, white phosphorus, cluster bombs, & D.I.M.E. all of which the IDF has used to kill civilians.

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