10 thoughts on “First Arab Woman Serves in Israeli Air Force…by Mistake – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. So you believe compulsory military service for all muslim civilians of Israel should be law, no matter their feelings about going to battle against fellow muslims? After all, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander – right?

  2. Perhaps you’ll remember the spat Daniel Barenboim caused when on reception of the Wolf award he read to the Knesset from the Declaration of Independence, with the same subtext as in your post. He was then accused (by Tzipi Livni among others, IIRC) of using that platform to “attack Israel”. So it’s not like the army was the bad apple here, or that Israel somehow “cannot manage” (facing which insurmountable obstacles?) to be what it doesn’t want to be in the first place – a state of all it’s citizens, what we define as “democracy”.

  3. I’d argue that Israeli Jews are schizophrenic about this. Yes, they want to live up to the ideals of the Declaration of Independence. But they are afraid in much the same way that Obama said poor whites are “bitter” about what they’ve lost in American society. Jews are afraid of terrorism, afraid of alleged Arab militancy, mistrustful of Arabs as a potential fifth column in their midst. These fears are atavistic & instinctual. It will be hard, but no impossible to overcome them. I wouldn’t argue that the battle for a real Israeli democracy is lost. But the battle to achieve such a democracy will be long and hard.

  4. @Einstein: No, don’t characterize for me what I believe. Be a good boy, go back & read what I wrote & then try to accurately (if that’s at all possible) characterize what I wrote. I know it will be hard. But I have every faith you can do it.

    If an Israeli Arab citizen of Israel wishes to serve they should be allowed to serve. In fact, they should be welcomed with open arms. And not just in certain IDF units. But in all of them.

  5. I don’t really have a point, but it is interesting to compare and contrast the treatment of Arabs in the IAF with the treatment of women and gays in the US military. E.g., women are not allowed to serve in the infantry and gays are discharged if their sexuality is made public. Of course, a major difference is that women and gays are not barred for having “dual loyalties”…

    Like I said, no real point.

  6. Richard – I assume this means you’d support obligating all Israeli-Arabs to do military service?

  7. I understand Richard meant to make *voluntary* service possible for Israeli Arabs other than Druze. OTOH that would just transform the present injustice to another. The solution IMO would be to make service voluntary for everyone. To those who then feared for their sacred cow security I’d say, let’s see how many Israelis share your fears and indeed join the army. Perhaps, just perhaps this might also provide a little incitement for Israel to actually in good faith pursue peace instead of all those purposefully open-ended “peace processes”.

  8. I’m not sure why voluntary service, which is in effect what currently exists in truncated form for Israeli Arabs, constitutes “transforming the present injustice to another.” On 2nd thought perhaps you meant “transferring” the present injustice to another, which does make sense.

    As for voluntary service, I think it’s a good idea in principle. Most Israeli Jews would continue to serve. But it would drastically increase the number who choose not to serve. It would force the IDF to make service more attractive as an option for people, thereby encouraging them to enlist.

    There would of course be a major problem w. voluntary service conflicting with the so called democratic nature of compulsory service.

  9. you are a fucking joke. The Israaeli air force is not the boy scouts that anyone who want to can join. The purpose is to protect the country, not to give young people a chance to play around with cool airplanes.
    Who pays you, by the way, the Arabian antisemites or the European antisemites?

  10. @sid: Thanks for helping remind my readers who the real enemy is out there…Jews like you (I’m embarrassed to say that you appear to be student at UC Berkeley where I studied for my Phd–how standards have changed since I attended!) who hate. BTW, keep commenting. You do nothing but make me look good in comparison.

    I don’t blog for pay. Though I’m pleased to say a variety of Communist, anti-Semitic publications like the Jewish Forward and Haaretz have published my work. Other anti-Israel papers like Seattle’s JTNews and L.A.’s Jewish Journal have profiled my blog. They must be doing this under direct orders fr. the Muslim Caliphate.

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