6 thoughts on “Wurmser Beats Drums of War Against Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The psychopathology of this crew never fails to amaze me. We certainly “defeated” Sadaam and “brought his regime down” and look where it got us.

  2. And there’s certainly been no “cost” to our Iraq invasion either. I guess he means that if George I had taken Saddam out in ’91 then the “cost” would’ve been less. That’s bogus as well. But par for their course.

  3. Hey, isn’t that guy Chaney a real trip…wants war with everyone but got 4 deferments to keep his own fat ass out of Vitnam. LOL

  4. Iran is already at war against Israel through proxies like Hizbullah and Hamas, who use their weapons, training from elite units, intelligence, etc. It’s very unlikely that even if peace is achieved with Abbas that Iran (through Hizbullah or Hamas) will call off the dogs. So what do you propose? Maybe Carter should talk to president Imanutjob?

  5. @Einstein: Thanks for bringing David Horowitz, Charles Johnson and all the other Islamophobes right to our doorstep.

    You haven’t brought any of your horse dung to my blog in ages (that’s an in joke since Einstein’s blog is called Augean Stables–look up the reference). Yet you’re flooding me w. baleful bile-filled comments for the past day or so. Why are you here now? Bored? Nothing better to do w. yr time? Or has Giyus-Hasbarah patrol assigned you to me?

    Hamas is not a puppet of Iran. W/o Iran, Hamas would still exist & be as strong as it currently is. Certainly politically.

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