4 thoughts on “Evangelicals: ‘Killing’ Jews With Christian Kindness – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. No doubt that there are extreme fractions in Christianity and Islam. But so are there in Judaism. Especially those recent recommendations by Jewish Chief Rabbis do not show signs of of ecumenism, tolerance, diversity or respect. Why to demand from others “no extremism”, when the own religion has strong popular elements which support openly racist behaviour not to mention mention the expansive aerial agenda.

    We all could imagine what would happen if a Christian bishop would demand that do not rent apartments or give jobs to Jews (or to Muslims), but in Israel the chief rabbis can make such demands against Arabs without no larger discussion in the world’s media.

  2. There are a bunch of videos on youtube that spotlight the “Jews for Jesus” and “Messianic Jews” in action in Israel.

    I laughed pretty hard at those.

    First, the utter chutzpah of these missionaries – I assume if they behave that way in Israel, that they behave that way in every other country – hence the many stories of locals dismembering some “innocent” missionaries.

    Second, the utter boorishness and crude racism of the haradrim – these people are just…. well, insane, frankly.

    I do not see how they can not be expected to fight for the IDF, then claim all kinds of goodies from the government. Also, these kinds of Jews are also a “minority status” in the USA, which is another eye raising fact (thanks to Reagan),

  3. Great post.

    I blog regularly about “messianic jews” and I never fail to be astonished and insulted by the deception they practise.

    Let’s clarify, though: MOST Messianics were *never* Jews to start with.

    The small number who were, are now EX Jews.

    Now, if they don’t wish to call themselves Christians, that’s their right.

    But they don’t get to REdefine Judaism to suddenly include worship of Jesus…!

    A Jew who embraces any other faith




    If anyone’s interested in reading some hopefully helpful counter arguments to Messianics:

    Countering Messianic Lies:

    More info on Messianics – including how they now pose as ‘messianic muslims’!:

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