3 thoughts on “McCain in Israel Out-Likuds Likud; Lieberman to Defense? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Doesn’t it strike Americans as…. strange, weird, bizzarre that McCain, a republican candidate for president in the USA, spends his PRECIOUS time campaigning for this position in a foreign country, Israel?

    Nothing strange in that?

  2. With no better Democratic candidate than Hillary and Obama, I will proudly vote for the old McCain.

    He is reminding me of decent past leaders like a Churchill or Roosevelt, and not like the remaining contentless and whining Democratic candidates.

    I would be glad to support either Howard Dean or John Edwards if….. still running.

    Honesty and Integrity count above all. The rest does not matter.

  3. Richard, I have told you this before, and I will repeat it….ALL Presidents follow the same policy in the Middle East…..working to bring about an Israeli withdrawal more or less to the pre-67 lines and setting up a “democratic Palestinian state which will live side-by-side with Israel in peace”. However, since this is not attainable they will end up spending their time sputtering around trying to minimize the ongoing conflict as much as possible. This means throwing out pious wishes about the “dream of Palestinian state”, pressuring their client leaders, Abbas and Olmert, to make “good-will” concessions to the other side, realizing that Abbas can’t or won’t reign in the terrorist organizations that operate in his territory and having to accept ongoing Israeli security operations to foil these.
    Obama and Hillary would follow the same script. Sure, many of you “progressives” seem to have convinced yourseves that “if the US President really wants and presses hard enough, he or she can impose an agreement”and that Obama is willing to do this, but Clinton proved that this can’t happen. (Yes, I know Robert Malley said that there would have been an agreement in 2000 if only Barak had talked at the dinner table with Arafat instead of Chelsea Clinton, or the theory of Tony Karon that there would have been peace then if only Dennis Ross hadn’t blocked it (?!))

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