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  1. I was going to write the WHY Mr. Spitzer was taken down, but Greg Palast did it for me. Then again, he doesn’t provide any links to prove his article’s main points, so I shall have to do that on my blog because otherwise the naysayers will cry foul and say it is not believable.

    Spitzer was decried as the “clean” guy who went after prostitutes, hence the fake outrage of the press (tesk tsk) as that is the meme presented. Spitzer in fact went after Wall Street with a zealot mindset – he went after corruption and Wall Street excesses.

    Mr. Palast is right on the money with this article:


    Oh and the prostitute?
    She will make 7 figure bonus posing for Hustler.
    Long live capitalism, the USA edition.
    Thank goodness Bernanke rescued the predatory lending companies, otherwise we would have accountability in the elite leaders of the business world – cannot have that now, can we? Accountability is for working schmoes, not THOSE guys…

    Hence, Spitzer needed to be taught a lesson, and others watching from the sidelines needed to see what happens when you buck the system a bit too much…

    Many large government/military contracts and government grants have magically been steered to Alabama to make Bob Riley look good. Why?

    Why hasn’t he been prosecuted for receiving millions of dollars from Mississippi casinos lobbyist Jack Abramoff and Michael Scanlon?

    Why has Rob Riley boldly been willing to risk his law license and prison sentences to be part of this illegal activity?

    Why have U.S Attorneys been willing to risk their law licenses and prison sentences to conspire with the Rileys?

    Why does Donald and Samuel Newhouse (owners of Newhouse/Advance Publications Inc. their assets are worth 8 billion each) only print half truths about Alabama political figures and at the same time run front page articles to calm and deceive Alabama citizens so that the biggest illegal operations in the history of Alabama can conduct illegal activities. These brothers claim to be Democrats and decedents of Jewish immigrants.

    Why did Bush arrange special retirement incentives for his Secret Service agent-in-charge Christopher Murphy to become part of Riley’s corrupt operation?

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