10 thoughts on “Israel: ‘Prepare for Severe Retaliation’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. My first reaction to the Muganiyeh hit was, “good riddance.” but someone in Ha’aretz pointed out that with one bomb in Argentina, Hezbollah killed more Jews outside Israel than anti-Semitism has since WW2. Also, when Israel killed the man who pioneered Hamas’ bombmaking Yehiya Ayyash, AKA “the engineer,” 100 Israelis died in retaliatory bombings. So are these hits really ever sensible?

  2. Journalist Allen Nairn suggests the Israel murder of Muganiyeh was a deliberate intent to cause a reaction by Hezbollah, which reaction in turn would give Israel a reason to attack Lebanon.

    “]IDF] apparently departed Lebanon feeling politically inadequate.
    The official feeling was that they either did not destroy enough, or destroy enough of the right people and items, to avoid the embarrassing perception that they lost to Hezbollah.

    So to have the option of solving this problem they’ve apparently staged a provocative assassination in hopes of goading Hezbollah into retaliating and providing a pretext for new — better — destruction that this time around will “succeed,” i.e. soothe hurt Israeli feelings.”



  3. Your making the supposition that hezbollah and hamas are not constantly trying to hit Jewish targets anyway. But I digress. How does not trying to anger Hezbollah work. And what makes guys like Richard Silverstein think, ( no offense Rich) that peace is possible with these people.

  4. Your making the supposition that hezbollah and hamas are not constantly trying to hit Jewish targets

    These are political movements besides being military ones. Their actions are based on political calculations. First, they don’t attack Jewish targets. They attack Israeli ones. There is a difference. Second, they attack Israeli targets only when they’ve made a calculation that they have a political pt. to make. That is why they must respond to Mugniyah & it is why the northern border has been quiet until now. Hezbollah has other Lebanese fish to fry & doesn’t want to take on Israel. At least it didn’t until now.

    Peace is possible based on negotiation & compromise coming fr. both sides–even with an enemy like Hezbollah, Hamas or Syria.

  5. Ellen is perhaps right – this reminds me very much of the Chechnya situation, where the Chechens won the first war for their independence, and then the Kremlin itched for a rematch with a massive force.

    The second war is still ongoing, and it is a goody – routine torture of Chechens, police state, Russian conscripts throats’ slit in the night – the world tuned out of that human catastrophe.

  6. “Muslims Against Sharia”?
    And which republican millinares sponsor this pathetic propaganda organization?

    Make of it what you will, but I think a new Gaza invasion is coming, and this time no more Mr. Nice Israel:

    “Sources told Scotland on Sunday: “The military leadership is telling the political leadership: ‘If you send us to war, let us fight’.”

    “There would be no pussy-footing this time around,” one source said. “There’s much debate as Olmert doesn’t want a large-scale military operation, but since he also doesn’t want to negotiate directly with Hamas, there will come a time when he will need to give the go-ahead.””

    “Sources confirmed that lessons had been learnt from Israel’s disastrous war in Lebanon in 2006.

    “There’ll be no over-reliance this time around on aerial support, that’s for sure,” one source said.”

    Yeah…. just like the Russians in Chechnya; perhaps less genocidal….

  7. americangoy,

    Just because someone does not fit your degenerate stereotype of Muslims, it does not make them a “propaganda organization”. If you actually read our website, even you could have realized the stupidity of your statement.

  8. Good point I should never judge before checking something. Hear hear sir… oh… wait… ummmm…

    “So far so good. MASh appears to do exactly what it says on the tin: they are Muslims, and they are against sharia.

    So it was surprising to see, buried away in their Blogger profile, that one of their main “Team Members” was Atlas Shrugs (aka Pamela Geller) – the right-wing, Bushier-than-Bush blogger who only last month was calling for Islam to be banned. Had Pamela “reverted” to the one true religion?”

    Yes, this is a (moslem?) profile of Atlas Shrugs:

    And this is her blog:
    The blog has catchy titles like “EXCLUSIVE PAUL WILLIAMS: CLINTON’S MUSLIM BRIGADE”, “MUSLIMS BOMBING DENMARK”, and “How much is that Doggie in the Window?Jail & 30 Lashes Infidel!”

    Yeah surely Atlas Shrugged is a moslem woman, going by the titles on her blog alone?
    Snicker…… Sorry cant hold it in Hahahahahahahaha

    Oh wait Pam did a great post on her blog about her wishing that… Islam should be banned:

    Yeah – what we have here is a true moslem there.

    This website is not a (really, really, comically bad) right wing propaganda site. All legit here, sir!

    Thanks for the laugh – I haven’t laughed so hard for weeks.
    Drinks are on me everybody!

  9. Wow, [Alleged] Muslims Against Sharia Law is really desperate spamming their blog here. They don’t even do me the favor of a trackback so we both can gain exposure. Are these people morons or merely chutzpaniks that they think I’d go for promoting their site?

    I’ve banned the dolt who posted these 2 comments (& deleted one that used the ever-popular-among-Jewish-wingnuts homophobic smear against American Goy). But if anyone fr. that site is reading this I’d challenge you to name a single actual Muslim involved with your site.

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