14 thoughts on “Ronen Bergman: Mugniyah Assassination and the Price of Vengeance – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I’m not completely impressed by Mr. Bergman. There has never been any evidence presented linking the Buenos Aires Jewish community center bombing to Hezbollah. In fact, the connection was never even claimed until just recently, when the big campaign against Iran was in full swing. That’s not a coincidence.

    Had Hezbollah done it, they would have taken credit.

    Here’s some background–

  2. I’ll check out The Nation link. You should know that Bergman is known for having excellent sources within Israeli intelligence. I’m not saying he’s right. But I’d cut him slack unless you really felt strongly about another actor being a proven culprit.

  3. Appeasement didn’t work in 1938 and it’s not going to work here. But lets leave that aside for a second. Does a guy like this get a free pass or doesn’t he. Is there a penalty for killing Jews or isn’t there. Evidently you don’t think there should be a penalty, Hezbollah is just a bunch of misunderstood pacifists. And all will be well somehow. Exactly what would that be.

  4. Richard wrote: “But when you play with fire, you and yours will get burned whatever side you’re on in this conflict.” My sentiments exactly.

  5. Does a guy like this get a free pass or doesn’t he. Is there a penalty for killing Jews or isn’t there. Evidently you don’t think there should be a penalty

    Not what I believe at all. There will shortly be a UN tribunal investigating the Hariri assassination. An international tribunal tried Slobodan Milosevic. Another tried Rwandans for genocide. There are perfectly good international venues to try such culprits & show them legitimate justice. Let Israel compile a dossier as it did in the Eichmann case & challenge the world to bring him to justice–after the Israel-Lebanon-Syria conflict is resolved of course.

    The only problem with this of course is that several Israeli politicians and generals would be prime candidates for international justice as well. I know you wouldn’t like that.

  6. Richard,

    My sentiments exactly. Capturing him and putting him on trial would have been the way to go. Again- I wonder if this is even contemplated or if the “too hard to do” or “impossible” excuse kicks in. The benefit of going that route would be enormous. I wish someone would write more on this. Write an article Richard….another one for Haaretz.

  7. Write an article Richard….another one for Haaretz.

    Thanks for yr affirmation. Writing the article is easy. Getting anyone to publish it is the harder part. I do have my first article for the Forward coming out at the end of this month. But it’s about the anti-Occupation group, Breaking the Silence & not Mugniyah.

  8. As far as cutting slack goes….Perhaps Israel should be cut some slack. The Israelis denied involvement and Mugniyah’s family believes either the Syrian’s killed him or operatives Hezbollah themselves.

    There are times that assissanation works. Yassin and Rantisi of hamas were liquidated and Israeli casualties have gone down considerably. If Arafat were killed 40 years ago I doubt the world would look as dangerous or gloomy as it does today. I wonder if killing Nasrallah would be of benefit…The Lebanese will do it thenmselves in my less than humble opinion.

  9. @Ron: Typical claims based on personal speculation rather than solid fact. An Israeli spokesperson denied involvement, but other senior leaders expressed delight w. his assassination. That doesn’t amount to a convincing denial I’m afraid.

    Targeted assassinations don’t work. They bring more radical, hateful & more effective leaders to the fore. Israel DID assassinate the Hezbollah leader prior to Nasrallah. The latter is 10 times more effective a leader than the man he replaced.

    You can kill a man, you can’t kill a movement.

    1. I have no idea what you mean. I don’t presume him to be anything other than a good reporter when it comes to covering the Mossad. When it comes to his political views about Iran or any other subject not related to the Mossad, I maintain a healthy skepticism. He’s wrong on many of the subjects he discussed in that interview. But undoubtedly he knows the Mossad & the info he’s published is prob. reliable & accurate, esp. on the Dubai assassination.

      Just because he claims Uri Avnery is his journalistic mentor doesn’t mean he holds progressive views on some or many issues. But at least he believes in transparency within the security agencies which is a laudable goal.

  10. Avoidance of acts of terror against terrorists do not decrease terrorist activity. It simply permits them the psychological advantage of believing they are as powerful as they delude themselves to be. Like the child, ignored by parents, who screams endlessly in the grocery store, they imagine no limit to their power.

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