6 thoughts on “Charles Johnson Axed from Pajamas Media Management – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Lashon Hara involves saying nasty things about people that are false. What is false about this report? That Charles Johnson is a political “bomb thrower” (I didn’t mean that literally btw)? Hundreds of thousands of people believe this to be true. So am I not allowed to acknowledge my own views and those of others because it’s lashon hara? I have personally & publicly been abused by him. Do the rules of lashon hara say I must remain mum in the face of the hate he spews there? Puh-leeze.

    What you don’t like is having a critical eye cast on the pro-Israel right. You’d rather there be no opposition to them. Well sorry, it ain’t gonna happen.

    And btw, casting insults at people as you have at me is clearly also motzi shem ra. Not that that would stop you…

  2. Ah, the saga of Baal Hardonim. What kind of political outfit would brag about being a bunch of lizards or “lizardoids”?

    Seriously, I think Charles Johnson is a political liability for anybody connected to him. His simple and repetitive methods may be effective for some purposes, but simplicity and repetition are not necessarily the hallmarks of a good ally. It would not surprise me if Charles Johnson eventually turns on those who presently idolize him.

    As it is, I do hope that all American politicians and political parties will steer clear of him. And that includes dropping Baal Hardonim’s blog from a political faction’s blogroll.

  3. Your analysis is worthless because it’s based on Alexa numbers. In August Alexa said that YouTube passed Google itself in total page views. They were wrong, but their data continues to perpetuate this alternate reality.


  4. Charles Johnson is a world-class douchebag who hurts the conservative movement much more than he helps it. His current obsession is with intelligent design and about 3/4 of the posts are dedicated to some podunk newsstory about it: never mind global warming freaks threaten to take over every facet of our lives, he’s rattled by creationalism taught alongside darwinism.

    Personally, I think a little God in the classroom is not a bad thing, and it pisses off the liberals. In any case, he spends most of his time bashing conservatives instead of fighting the good fight. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Roger Simon is a class act, he doesn’t need Johnson and his band of racists and bigots anyway.

    Charles Johnson is POS personally as well, as people who know him IRL (as I do) will tell you.

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