4 thoughts on “Salvation Army Blows Smoke Over Nixing Khalife Concert – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The Kroc Theatre made a huge mistake. This story is slowly creeping it’s way up to the front page of all Google searches for “Kroc Theatre.” This decision will haunt them for quite some time, unless they make a move to correct their mistake.

  2. As said in the previous comments it was a political decision by the Salvation Army. It would be interesting to know did Salvation Army make equal political “decisions” in the 30’s Germany. Sad that a honourable Christian organization can be “silenced” by aggressive religious extremists.

    I do find Al Awda a sectarian organization because it does not recognize a Jewish right of national self-determination.

    Hmmm can a religion have in modern societies have a right to national self-determination? Well what about Palestinian Christians and Muslims right to national self-determination.? Haven’t they equal rights and needs? To make the problem more complex don’t the US Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus etc have the right to national self-determination?

    What I as a Nordic Christian always wonder why Jews demand every Palestinian and pro Palestinian organization to recognize the Jews’ national self-determination rights, but are mostly extremely reluctant to admit the Palestinians rights and are “joking” about other religious nations (Muslim of course). On national (Israel’s), organizational and private level. Isn’t that behaviour sectarian and morally dubious? I see that all those who favour a peaceful one state solution were all religious groups can live as equals and in peace are far from sectarian. Why to portray others to as religious extremists and sectarian when the own religious Jewish homeland is packed with religious extremists who have little or no difference with Talebans.

  3. Honesty should be the foundation of Al Awda and Israel.

    It is not beneficial to be a legalistic institution.

    It is better to serve the general humanity than a one-dimensional program.

    Israel protects all its peaceful minorities.

    I hope that the majority of Israelis support the 1st amendment style rights of all ethnicities in Israel.

    A tiny minority in all segments of the Israeli society carry extremist views. Which is a major crime.

  4. Marcel Kalife was not coming to debate a political issue, he was coming to present his music. That his lyrics bridge the gamut of emotions is not to be denied, it is to be honored. Would one ever have prevented Horowitz performing if there were not a Palestinian on stage to “bring balance.?” The concept is ludicrous and more it is sad, it is heartrending. The stones of Baalbek must be shaking. We live in a time when consumer democracy and corporate ideology determine marketting and politics, must they control the subtle harmonics of art and culture? Scientists are listening to the music of the earth, the planets–but we are afraid to listen to the subtle naunce of the oud? of a repeient of a Nobel Peace Prize? Truly we are tenacious in our attachments to fear and confusion. Next time I listen to a Talmudic discussion, I’ll try and be sure that there is a Palestinian in the room–just for balance…daebyday

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