1 thought on “Israel Prepares for War–But Against Whom? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Maybe a better header would be ISRAEL STARTS A NEW WAR. Last year when Lebanon war started, Israel was furious because Hizbollah had crossed the border. What is the reason to be furious this time, when Israel has crossed the borders? It is amusing to read the “hardcore” Jewish and other readers comments in JP and Haaretz about this latest violation and its possible severe consequences. One observation of these pro-Israeli warmongering comments is that the farther from Israel the commentator lives the more extreme are the comments. It is easy to promote a war from Brisbane, Australia or from Buenos Aires.

    In this new coming war Israel will not be seen by the world as the defender, but as an aggressor. Israel will loose its last remaining friends in Europe. EU must take actions to tame politically this rouge state on its borders. Israel is a greater danger for EU and Europeans as all Arab countries combined. A small violent country packed with nukes and religious extremists and suffering from a severe ûbermensch syndrome is dangerous to us all. Even if Israel wins the next battle (war) it has already lost the longer war.

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