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  1. The imam I referred to in my earlier post WAS Imam Johari. His friend, the D.C. lawyer I mentioned told me about the infiltration attempt but I hadn’t read anything in any detail about it. It sounds like stupid Keystone Cops stuff. I’m not sure why Tariq Nelson focuses so much on white supremacy w/o noting the Jewish nature of SANE. I can’t be sure but perhaps all of the SANE crew are Jewish. Their ideology IS curiously like white supremacy even though it’s a Jewish group. Very odd.

  2. What do you mean by “the Jewish nature of sane?” I briefly looked through SANE’s website (which I heard of for the first time now including Yerushalmy”) and couldn’t find anything “Jewish” about it. Yerushalmy is Jewish but the other members: Snodgrass or Gaubetz, (from the “about us” page) is there any reason to believe they are? I couldn’t find anything “Jewish” in their mission satement page or their “what we do” page. Again, these are the pages I checked, I didn’t the websites entire contents.

  3. What do you mean by “the Jewish nature of sane?

    You’re right in the sense that I should’ve clarified what I meant. The Jewish aspect of SANE’s message isn’t all that easy to ferret out. But you should look through the site’s Judeo-Christian section for a start. Also, Yerushalmi, in his bio at the site makes a point of noting his tight connection with an Israeli uber capitalist free-trade, anti-Arab group, the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies. At SANE, Yerushalmi links quite frequently to Campus Watch and Jihadwatch groups beloved of Jewish neocons and the Israeli nationalist camp. It is quite clear that Yerushalmi’s hatred of Islam derives both fr. his understanding of Jewish history and his Kahanist Israeli politics.

    Yerushalmi’s defense of himself in light of the Jewish Week story which is published at the SANE site and which I linked to above, goes into quite a bit of detail about his ideas on Israeli democracy and American Jewry; among them this doozy:

    …The real story here is how the Leftists among the Jewish Elite, represented here by the Jewish Week, will go to any lengths, literally any lengths, to agitate in favor of those who embrace the multi-cultural Open Society even as that mind-numbing ideology of radical egalitarianism opens the door to the Jihadists and the illegal immigrants to find sanctuary in our communities while working diligently to undermine national existence and sovereignty. The Left agitating for some super world Union and the Jihadists of course laughing at these folks knowing they are making their job of building an Islamic Caliphate that much easier.

    And you are right that the SANE “staff” is not all Jewish. I should’ve been more careful when I wrote that it might be. I don’t know about Gaubatz, but Snodgrass clearly isn’t.

  4. That’s a rather poor basis for calling SANE a Jewish website or even a Jewish affiliated website. Tariq Nelson was correct in not mentioning this in his article. Their is a stronger basis to calling communism, neoconservatism (the Jewish cabal running the current administration) or even Hollywood – Jewish. People who do so are often called anti-semites.

  5. The appointment of U.S. Senators by state legislatures was meant to be a check on the power of the federal government. Note today that the federal government regularly dumps ‘unfunded mandates’ on the states, and you can see why the states would want to have a say in this, or even put a stop to it if at all possible. So a rollback of the 17th Amendment (you seem to be confusing it with the 15th Amendment, which gave the franchise to blacks) is not nearly as daft as you make it out to be.

  6. People who do so are often called anti-semites.

    That’s an awfully snarky way of calling me an anti-Semite w/o actually doing so. Besides, the statement is ridiculous on its face.

    If you don’t want to accept the fact that David Yerushalmi & everything he does political is deeply informed by his twisted relationship with, & understanding of Jewish history & Israeli politics including SANE that’s yr problem not mine. I’ve given you the evidence. Did you read all the articles at his site with Jewish themes? Why don’t you do a Google search at his site of the terms Israel or Jewish & see how many scores if not hundreds of results you get?

    The guy admits that his guru is an Israeli so-called right-wing pseudo academic of some type and his life’s work, besides promoting Arab hate, seems to be bound up with this Israeli economic-political institute, IASPS.

    And you don’t believe his hatred for Islam, the entire raison d’etre of SANE, is informed by his Jewish identity & the sense that Islam threatens both Jews & Israel? C’mon. You’re being ridiculous, but if you want to be that’s your prerogative.

  7. (you seem to be confusing it with the 15th Amendment, which gave the franchise to blacks)

    That comment was a quote from Yerushalmi, not me. He’s the one confusing the amendments. Though he seems to be obsessed with the emancipation of Blacks as the beginning of the downfall of the Republic, so he has that on his brain as well.

  8. A person may fall into the same traps an anti-semite falls into, without actually being an anti-semite. “And you don’t believe his hatred for Islam, the entire raison d’etre of SANE, is informed by his Jewish identity & the sense that Islam threatens both Jews & Israel?” Possibly. And also because it threatens the USA. Anyway, there were/are a large number of Jews among communists, neoconservatives and Hollywood. I am certain that this is no coincidence and has to do with their Jewishness or a responce to being Jewish (and wanting to shake off their Jewishwess by replacing it with a universal ideology such as communism). That doesn’t mean that every article that critiques these topics need to include this in their critique. Remember I responding to your comment about Tariq not including this in his article.

    About the fifteenth and seventeenth amendment. The quote you brought has nothing to do with blacks having the right to vote. Yerushalmy wasn’t confused at all. Read about the 17th amendment in wikipedia. It was ratified in 1913. Before this, state legislatures elected the senators (but not the representatives who were directly elected by the people – thus the name representatives I presume). The amendment brought the election of the senate directly to the people. And this is what it says in the quote you provided “you of course are aware that neither the president, the judiciary, or even senators were elected by the direct vote under our Constitution [note the 17th Amendment”. Many libertarians favor repealing the amendment but also Zell Miller and Alan Keyes.

  9. Many libertarians favor repealing the amendment but also Zell Miller and Alan Keyes.

    Such views are about as germane to contemporary political discourse as the first wheel ever invented is to the F-16. I’ve never heard of anyone advocating such a view before but then again I don’t spend as much time as you apparently do following neocon/libertarian ideology. I do hope they’ll keep following their inclinations to try to make this a big issue as it will seal their fate as utterly irrelevant to American politics.

    All you say about the amendment & its subject is no doubt true. But Yerushalmi DOES believe giving the right to vote to Blacks and women was an utter disaster which should be undone. Imagine what Yerushalmi’s views must be of giving Israeli Arab citizens democratic rights!! I bet he’d just as soon expel them en masse which, btw, is what he advocates for ALL illegal immigrants and all Muslim non-citizens (regardless of whether they are legal residents or not) living in this country.

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