3 thoughts on “Jeep Driver in Aramin Murder Admits Border Police Fired – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Of course, it is correct and desirable to catalogue and comment on such a crime, so terrible and so tragic in its outcome. But what, in the end, can be the result? As you have said, Richard, too many of these incidents will get filed away unresolved, almost unacknowledged and left to fade into the mists of time. No balance is forthcoming, no verdict obtained. The next day’s headlines invariably push the event even further into the background. Like a cancer left untreated, they serve only to further corrode and reduce a body already showing too many symptoms of decay.

    The real problem here is that no higher court exists to appeal to on these matters, nowhere left to go when the system, the present course of treatment, has been exhausted.

    So, should there be yet another authority, one supremely above those now in place, even a court of last resort if such should be the case?

    As I’ve said before, you know my feelings on the subject: http://yorketowers.blogspot.com

    How then, Richard, would you like to see these and so many other matters effectively addressed? Or is it to be our fate merely to diagnose but still produce no effective cure for the disease?


    John Yorke.

  2. is it to be our fate merely to diagnose but still produce no effective cure for the disease?

    The cure is well known to both parties. They refuse to take the medicine. I can only describe the medical condition. I can’t force the patient to get well.

  3. That’s very true, Richard, you can’t force the patient to get well. Nor can I.

    However, some of the most effective treatments in medical history have had their origin in the disease itself. Vaccination, in this respect, may serve better than a cure, better in the short term anyway. Waiting on some miracle drug, especially in the case of a patient in terminal decline, seems downright negligent to me. We should always seek to stabilise the condition before it’s too late. Speedy treatment usually means effective treatment. Waiting for treatment is never the best option, these things do not tend to heal all by themselves.

    What’s certain is that almost all the patients here want to get well. Few, I suspect, really relish the prospect of endless sickbed confinement. It’s true that some patients can be very reluctant to take their medication. Maybe that’s why a degree of sugar-coating before administration is to be recommended.

    I think http://yorketowers.blogspot.com sugars that particular pill as well as can be expected.

    Apologies for delay in reply. I’m presently in London, 200 miles away from my computer.

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