2 thoughts on “Giuliani’s Daughter Supports Obama – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Fuck You Daddy”….

    And you hold yourself out as more intellectual weblog?

    And this is your big controversy? She joined facebook likeing Barack Obama and now minimized it? Wow…. and that’s your big evidence of the administration to potentially come?
    This is the kinda stuff we can expect from a Giuliani White House (God help us if there ever is one).

    And this is an intellectual weblog?

    Wow, impressive and convincing indeedy…

  2. Well, maybe I went a bit far with the “fuck you daddy.” Being a young person unused to the knockabout world of politics, she may not have meant her Facebook profile to be quite the statement it appeared to be. But she certainly wasn’t cheering daddy on, that’s for sure.

    But it appears to me that Esther represents the Rudy Giuliani contingent. My dislike & distrust of Giuliani has to do w. far more than this one incident. I lived in New York when he was mayor & thoroughly disliked him personally & his politics. The disingenuous comments from him and his spokesperson are typical of the Giuliani that so many New Yorkers know and detest. Caroline no doubt knows him even better than either of us & the fact that she’s not even talking to him speaks volumes about what kind of human being & father he is.

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