4 thoughts on “Tikun Olam Reviews Dore Gold’s ‘The Fight for Jerusalem’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, i am glad to see that you are that well known that you would be sought ought to do a review on a book.
    i have seen dore gold speak on pat robertsons cbn show and also on john haggees program…he is typical of the fearmongering, islam hating zionist israeli, who is constantly doing the christian circuit to raise support for israel and to create a culture of misinformed muslim hating christians who will blindly support israeli policies, he puts in his grain of sand to mislead and foment the christians and does it so well…an ex diplomant and all would never mislead or lie….of course not.

    it may be needless for me to say this but i consider his work in the christian community despicable and deplorable, but alas he is only doing his job for his fatherland…zionism uber alles is his battle cry.

  2. Congratulations. You made me curious: (with only one book section as an exception). ????

    Congrats to the editors too. Good idea to let you do this. And I am sure it was an experience for you,

  3. I’ll assume that your contribution to the magazine does not necessarily mean you endorse their views or their editors, right?

    It’s sad though that honest discussions about the I-P conflict are not going to appear in so-called mainstream publications but in decidedly liberal outlets like The Nation or Harper’s or in isolationist paleoconservative magazines like The American Conservative.

  4. I’ll assume that your contribution to the magazine does not necessarily mean you endorse their views or their editors, right?

    I endorse the editors’ views of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but certainly not on other issues. I’m grateful that they understand the need to reach out to progressives on an issue of such critical importance for our world. MLK understood that he needed the support of whites AND blacks, liberals & conservatives in order to move a civil rights agenda for this country. I feel the same way about the I-P conflict.

    I’ve always had a lot of trouble w. people on the left or right (& I’m NOT including you, ItAintEazy, in that group) who use litmus tests to determine whether someone is ideologically kosher or not. If a conservative advocates a two state solution, an end to the Occupation & mutual recognition bet. Israelis & Arabs, I say “welcome to you, let’s work together.”

    I have received two nasty comments from blog trolls of the uber-Zionist persuasion accusing me of selling out to conservatives & claiming I have no vestige of credibility as a progressive for publishing at American Conservative, which is utter bullshit.

    And on a related issue, I’m a blogger, which means I’m a writer. Writers need their work to be seen and read. Getting paid is also nice. I’m pleased my work will be read in American Conservative. I’d love it to be read in The Nation or American Prospect or Harper’s or Huffington Post. But they haven’t exactly been beating down my doors (yet).

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