3 thoughts on “Volunteer Park Cafe Now Serves Dinner – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I’ll have to check it out my next trip to Seattle (not sure when that is going to happen – I have very limited paid vacation and we are going to Vermont this summer for a wedding – plus my sister who lives in Seattle is getting married in Indiana this summer as well…)

    If you ever make it to Chiacgo – we’ll head to Devon Avenue – there are so many good Indian places there you’d definitely get your fill!

  2. Last time I was in Seattle, about a year ago, I finally visited Volunteer Park with a couple friends. I’ve visited Seattle I think 5 times in my life (not a lot for an Oregonian), but I hadn’t made it up there to the Park before. Man, it’s nice up there. I walked up to the top of that tower where you have a great view of the Lake to the East and the downtown to the West and South (I think I have my bearings correct there). I don’t know or can’t remember if I noticed the cafe you’re talking about. I may not have been in that area. Seattle’s a great city. I like the Capitol Hill neighborhood the best.

  3. We like Seattle too. Though with a brother in Salem, we like Oregon as well. Capitol Hill is our most colorful, entertaining & dramatic neighborhood for sure. But there are other wonderful neighborhoods as well.

    That water tower is impressive & built during the Olmstead era. You do have yr bearings & directions right.

    The Cafe only opened last Nov. so prob. wasn’t there then. It was called Cafe Europa in its past life but much diff. than what’s there now.

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