5 thoughts on “Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Abortion Procedure – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Wether you like it or not, “pierce the skull and vacuum the fast-developing brain of her unborn child” is an accurate description of what they do to kill these babies that can live outside of womb. This is not a ‘fertility’ choice has you describe it. That choice was made 6-8 months earlier!

  2. they do to kill these babies that can live outside of womb.

    And you have a degree in obstetrics to know that a 13 week old fetus can “live outside the womb?” That WOULD be a record if it had ever happened, which it hasn’t. So spare us the medical opinions on subjects of which you know nothing.

    Kennedy’s judicial opinion is theology, moralism and paternalism, pure and simple. It isn’t even jurisprudence and certainly isn’t medically informed.

  3. Richard, should we criminialize the use of the male and female reproductive system for producing a baby only to want to end its life ? can we hold the father and mother to the same standards as the gun store that sold a gun to a university student, for misusing their reproductive organs to produce and then to kill a sacred human life?

    who is the criminal? is it the gun store owner for selling the gun….or the person that uses it to commit a crime?
    who is the criminal the parents who produce a live human being and then want to take its life ? or the doctors who decide to take the babys life?

    personal accountability. life is sacred.
    no more victimizing the criminal. i am all for offering mental health exams and evaluations to any and all persons in society, and help services and educational services to pre-pubescent males and females.

    frankly i am tired of having to give up my rights, i am a responsible citizen as all citizens ought to be.

  4. [ed., Comment deleted. This blog will not publish anti-abortion propaganda especially not Pat Buchanan anti-abortion diatribes. Discussion, argument or debate on one side or another is acceptable. But no grisly spectacles. Any further such propaganda will endanger yr commenting prvileges.]

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