1 thought on “Tim O’Reilly’s Blogging Code of Conduct – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Hi.

    First, I`m not a troll.
    Trolls are imaginary creatures.
    Second, I`m not a “troll”. Becouse I don`t want to insult you nor anybody else.

    The main problem you show it, and O`Reilly also can`t understand is that

    BLOGOSPHERE is not U.S.A. . Is not Nashville nor South Dakota.

    I dont care about section 230.

    I care about why internet exist and U.N.O. valid HUMAN RIGHTS.

    The day when O`Reilly will give up to this project will be a world wide celebration of freedom and democracy victory.
    Many people can`t understand and don`t appreciate (or forget how to) the freedom they have. I was under comunist rule first 26 years of my life. I was “on the pipe” to pay for my freedom requests that time. I KNOW when something threat the freedom. O`Reilly project is a threat and whorst, is meant to be global while the basics of what he plans is local.

    I may come back here to see if you allowed this comment. From deep of my hearth, I wont mind if you`ll find it offensive and don`t allow.

    But I challenge you to this exercise to do in your home, alone, with no witness :
    If something you stronglly belive and need would looks endagered by someone action, would you react as I do ?
    yes – you`ll allow this comment.
    no – you`ll deny this comment.


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