29 thoughts on “Masada2000 and the Spew of Kahanism – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Please forgive the off-topic comment, but your contact form isn’t working. I put in the verification code, and it gives me an error message.

    I’m looking for an updated paged comment editing plugin, and I read your response about an update to Cold Forge’s blog. The site you linked to doesn’t list a plugin. Do you know where else I could find an updated plugin? Thanks for your time.

  2. Oh my GOD…i am so glad you brought this to my attention. Richard, these folk sound as rabbid as the supremacist i see on tv in documentaries. what i dont understand is that if they love israel so much why dont they just move there and walk the walk instead of just play pretend at being so jewish, they got their israel now go defend her, why dont they go and fullfill the dreams of all of those that died in the diaspora wishing for the opportunity to go back home. but alas i guess they want to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave as depraved lunatics. I say this year in jerusalem to them, no need to wait any longer.

  3. And what it is with these type of “peole” always type in all caps? This guy is surprising that he didn’t have any spelling errors…

  4. As someone who’s been called a “self-hating Jew” for decades because I support Peace Now, i want to thank you for fighting the fight against these people. They are never going away. But I take issue with Samuel Burke’s desire to have them go to Israel, which has enough right wing lunatics as it is.

  5. why dont they just move there

    I’m sorry to tell Dan that, based on some of the spelling & grammar mistakes in this & another comment I didn’t publish, some of them probably DO live in Israel though this particular website seems to be registered to someone on Long Island (at least that’s the contact info provided publicly).

  6. Yes, Richard you absolutely need to go to the police and get some protection since they are Kahanist or JDL, they don’t have any qualms about killing Jews they deam as traitors. Masada2000 openly defends people like Baruch Goldstien and Yigal Amir. They also post the home addresses of the people on their shit list, which is my view is an open call for stalking. I am surprised they weren’t taken down before this. I remember when the printed the Address of and Phone number of Rabbi Lerner on their site. What is even more scary is that you have a small child.

    You should also notify ADL.org. If their goal is to defend Jews from threats of violence and defamation, why didn’t they step up to defend Rabbi Lerner? The fact that they called you kike makes they’re use of the phrase “self hating Jew” entirely laughable were it not that they also threaten you.

  7. One more thing. It occurs to me that since the site was taken down, you may have trouble proving to the authorities these folks are threatening.

    There is a site called wayback archive, which takes snapshots of websites for the historical record and for documenting advances in web-design. They have a record of every internet site on the web. They are a good place to go to prove you are being threatened when the threats are taken down. Here is what they have on masada2000.org.

    Unfortunately, it looks like masada2000.org discovered a way to thwart the archive as of June 2006, but their is still a wealth of threats against Jews and defenses of those who commit violence against them, in the archives prior to that.

  8. Dameocrat: I’ve kept a few of the worst pgs. fr. Masada2000 here on my own computer. YOu can also still access the site using Google’s cache & yes, the Wayback Machine gives you access to the site up to last June. The Wayback Machine is about 6 mos. behind in updating sites–that doesn’t have anything to do w. Masada2000. So there is still a record even though it may be down. Plus, there’s always a chance they’ll put it back up again in all its glory. Hopefully, the owner realizes that if Bsinet.net took it down that any reputable host would do the same.

  9. Mr. Silverstein,

    I am saddened by the fate of the Masada2000 website. Your celebration of its demise will only be short-lived because you will never be able to shut down the JTF website. This is too bad for you and all the other left-wing bloggers because JTF is the ‘real McCoy’. JTF is where the real Kahanist action is. Every week, Chaim ben Pesach sends a big, fat, check to Noam Federman and the Hilltop Youth in Judea and Samaria. These Jewish pioneers are actively working against the prospect of a PLO/Hamas Muslim Terrorist state being erected in the heartland of biblical Israel. If this happens, the safety and security of every Jew in Israel is in peril.

    In addition to sending money to the Hilltop Youth, JTF sponsors a virtual yeshiva taught by HaRav Ido Elba, located in Mearat HaMachpelah (the Cave of the Patriachs) in Chevron (Hebron). This yeshiva, which was Rabbi Kahane’s dream, is now broadcasting daily Jerusalem Talmud lessons to the youth of Israel! I won’t include the link here but if you want to learn some politically incorrect Talmud, I can provide it to you.

    There is so much more I can say about JTF but you’ll have to visit sometime soon and see for yourself what a dedicated Jew like Chaim ben Pesach can put together. His next project is forming a ‘Jews against Obama’ organization.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  10. you will never be able to shut down the JTF website

    Believe it or not I don’t consider it my life’s work to try to take down Kahanist websites. In the case of M2000, it was personal.

    JTF is the ‘real McCoy’

    The ‘real McCoy’ of what? Kahanist websites? Jewish truth? Perish the thought.

    if you want to learn some politically incorrect Talmud,

    Thanks for the invitation, but I majored in Talmud at Jewish Theological Seminary & have spent considerable portions of my life studying it.

    I suppose I should thank you for not cursing and going bilious as so many of your fellow JTFers have done here & in comments I haven’t published. That’s quite an achievement on your part. And I’m sorry to have to say (given that you are the only JTF member who’s actually attempted to be halfway civil) that I really mean that.

    His next project is forming a ‘Jews against Obama’ organization.

    Then nothing would please me more than seeing Barack Obama become president of the United States. As you can see, I proudly feature an Obama graphic in my sidebar. I’m sorry that your racism compels you to judge a candidate by the color of his skin or his race.

  11. Mr. Silverstein,

    Your comments on JTF’s opposition to Barack Hussein Obama are sad and only too predictable.

    JTF opposes Barack Hussein Obama because he is a Muslim, regardless of what he tells you. Given that the United States is at war with practitioners of the religion of peace, most Americans who live beyond the Hudson River will recognize that having a Muslim president would do this great country more harm than good.

    There is a precedent for Jewish opposition to Obama. For example, when Jesse Jackson attempted to run for president in 1984, a ‘Jews Against Jackson’ group was formed. They took out a full-page ad in the New York Times against him. Almost immediately afterwards, Jackson made his ‘Hymietown’ remark and began touring the country with Farrakhan (Hitler was a great man, Judaism is a gutter religion).

    Was it racist for Jews to oppose the Reverend? JTF does not want to see the day when Jackson receives some patronage position such as Secretary of State or Ambassador to Israel.

    Admittedly, I can never convince you that JTF is not a racist organization even though JTF has supported Alan Keyes and endorsed several African-American politicians over the years. I cannot convince you that JTF is not a racist organization even though it judges people by their actions and not by their skin color. I cannot convince you that JTF is not a racist organization even though it is a Torah organization.

    For the record, JTF cannot stand most Jewish politicians.

    You will believe what you want to believe and it is easier for you to dismiss Kahanist opposition to Obama on the account of racism than to rationally consider why we would oppose him. It was a last-resort tactic on your part and it indicates that little thinking was involved.

    What would you have said if JTF was forming a ‘Jews Against Hillary’ organization?

    You would have been out of luck. Clearly, your intention was to limit debate.

  12. michael, i would like to see the link to this politically incorrect talmudic study, i have looked through some of the talmud and have found much in it that doesnt resemble the old testament or the character of G-d in anything, but maybe i have missed the better parts. could you please point me in the direction of these studies, maybe there is more that i can learn about these writings and the inspiration behind them. i am glad to hear that you are proud of these wise mens writings and are willing to open them up for all to see.

  13. Samuel, the Yeshiva of Rabbi Elba shlita is in Hebrew I dont know if you understand Hebrew but here is the link http://yerushalmiyomi.org/

    I also wish to explain that the reason Chaim isn’t in Israel is that he is banned from immigrating by the Israeli government because of his actions on behalf of Soviet Jewry.

  14. JTF opposes Barack Hussein Obama because he is a Muslim

    This blog doesn’t go in for wild-eyed conspiracy theories. So unless you have a real, verifiable & authoritative source to prove that I won’t let that statement or anything like it be published here in future. The statement is flat out false. Period. If you bring it up again you’ll be history.

  15. Thanks anyways, i wish i could understand the hebrew language. Give peace a chance, intransigence is a road with no end. The children of israelis and palestinians truly do not deserve to be indoctrinated into the passions of hate and revenge. The human spirit ought not to delve into the depths of these base traits and be held prisoner there by the chains these traits forge on our souls.

  16. What can I say Samuel, I accept only the Torah as having value in regards to what is correct and incorrect behavior, and among the laws of the Torah are laws of war. As I Jew I, and all Jews for that matter, must follow these and all Torah laws.

    Samuel if you are a Jew and wish to understand Judaism, get yourself a Artscroll translation of any Gemara and find a Orthodox Rabbi to learn the Gemara with, any will be happy to learn with you, and even with the artscroll translation it is impossible to understand the Gemara if you learn on your own.

  17. Aaron, thank you for trying to help. I am a christian who believes in a messiah who came down through the lineage initiated by abraham. I have read bits and pieces of the talmud for educational purposes, my preferred reading consists of the prophets of the old testament along with many of the other books handed down through the history of the nation of israel plus of course the new covenant as promised to jeremiah. i also worship among messianic jews from time to time attending shabbat and many of the other feasts of the Lord. thanks again i appreciate your intent at helping.

  18. Samuel if you are a Jew and wish to understand Judaism…and find a Orthodox Rabbi to learn the Gemara with

    Only an Orthodox rabbi because any other wouldn’t help you understand Judaism, but would rather lead you off the path of true understanding.

    I must ask you not to learn Torah Shebaal Peh any more, for it is issur for a Goy to do so

    There is no prohibition whatsoever for a non-Jew to learn Gemara. I’d guess that even many Orthodox rabbis would disagree with you and certainly all rabbis of other demoninations would. This is either just reverse racism or mere inanity.

  19. I must ask you not to learn Torah Shebaal Peh? or it is issur for a Goy to do so. ?? what is torah shebal peh….and what is issur?

    Aaeon, i will agree to do these things based on what you believe, if you agree to doing this according to what i believe, because it would be sin for you not to do it, will you accept yeshua as your saviour because that is what my new testament says that all men ought to do to be forgiven.

    deal or no deal? what say ye learned man of israel?

  20. Note to Mr. Silverstein: This is in this morning’s LA Times. Don’t accuse me of conspiracy theories or I’ll accuse you of being ignorant.

    There is a new article in the LA Times about Barack Obama’s cultural divide and it talks about his Muslim background.

    Here are some quotes from the article: “No one knows how voters will react to a candidate with an early exposure to Islam, a religion that remains foreign to many Americans.”

    “His former Roman Catholic and Muslim teachers, along with two people who were identified by Obama’s grade-school teacher as childhood friends, say Obama was registered by his family as a Muslim at both of the schools he attended.”

    “That registration meant that during the third and fourth grades, Obama learned about Islam for two hours each week in religion class.”

    “The childhood friends say Obama sometimes went to Friday prayers at the local mosque. “We prayed but not really seriously, just following actions done by older people in the mosque. But as kids, we loved to meet our friends and went to the mosque together and played,” said Zulfin Adi, who describes himself as among Obama’s closest childhood friends.”

    “His mother often went to the church, but Barry [Barack] was Muslim. He went to the mosque,” Adi said.”

    “At that time, Barry was also praying in a Catholic way, but Barry was Muslim,” Dharmawan said in Obama’s old classroom, where she still teaches 39 years later. “He was registered as a Muslim because his father, Lolo Soetoro, was Muslim.”

    “But two of his teachers, former Vice Principal Tine Hahiyari and third-grade teacher Effendi, said they remember clearly that at this school too, he was registered as a Muslim, which determined what class he attended during weekly religion lessons.

    But two of his teachers, former Vice Principal Tine Hahiyari and third-grade teacher Effendi, said they remember clearly that at this school too, he was registered as a Muslim, which determined what class he attended during weekly religion lessons. “Muslim students were taught by a Muslim teacher, and Christian students were taught by a Christian teacher,” said Effendi, who, like many Indonesians, uses only one name.

  21. No, let’s get things straight. You wrote that Americans will not accept a Muslim president. Obama is NOT a Muslim. Saying he is is a lie.

    Obama’s old classroom, where she still teaches 39 years later

    You’re dredging up nearly 40 yr old data and trying to claim that praying as a Muslim in an Indonesian school at the age of 6 or whatever tender age he was makes him a Muslim still. Please get over it. Don’t you have anything better to do with your time?

    Personally, I would have no problem with someone who was a Muslim, Jew or Buddhist as president. But unfortunately many fellow Americans might have such a problem. I won’t let you get away with such trash talking based on absolutely nothing.

  22. “Don’t you have anything better to do with your time?”

    I’m a college student so I could always go binge drinking!

  23. I find that progressive Jews are shockingly ignorant of Islam. They think, well, it is no different than Judaism and Christianity and Buddhism. Progressive Jews are being foolish here, as they feel compelled to say the right (i.e. politically correct) thing. If Progressive/Liberal Jews are not willing to REALLY look at Islam, really understand it, then discussion with liberal Jews is a waste of time. Their platitudes and endeavors to be culturally sensitive are incredibly dangerous. They are afraid of offending Muslim sensibilities (which are incredibly easy to offend) and therefore avoid discussing uncomfortable issues. Such willful ignorance is NOT acceptable in this age of information and considering the stakes at hand. Progressive/Liberal Jews will not understand why the Arab world is so hostile to Israel without understanding Islam and the historical position of Jews throughout Arabia under Islamic jurisdiction.

    Once, I was a leftist, and part of my awakening and alienation from the left began with my asking questions about Islam as an ideological movement– for Islam is not just a personal religion, but it is an intolerant ideological/political movement bent on conquering the world. Progressive Jews will deny this until they are blue in the face. They will never grasp one of the most fundamental aspects of the Israeli / Arab / palestninian conflict, without understand these issues. However, one day, they will open their eyes, and by that point, it may well be too late.

    To liberal Jews, I say, try reading something about Islam other than apologia by Karen Armstrong. Your causes depend on it. Israel is the proverbial cannery in the mine. Women’s and Gay’s rights and democratic freedom throughout the world are all threatened by Islam. However, the left, following a long, Soviet tradition of hostility toward Israel, is forging bizarre alliances with Islamic forces. These alliances viewed objectively, are pure madness.

  24. progressive Jews are shockingly ignorant of Islam.

    Look in the mirror. You’re the one who’s shockingly ignorant of Islam.

    discussion with liberal Jews is a waste of time.

    I know you’re not exactly trying to have a discussion here, more like a monologue of the deaf, but aren’t you wasting yr own time by yr own definition???

  25. Jews will never lose their land again, Yair Stern was the closest thing to a Messiah (he was handcuffed and shot in the back by the British and not hung, get some education you fools!), and he gave us, Jews the sense of honor we never had. dont compare him to Kahane,- Kahane was a hatefilled American who only made Aaliyah when the goverment put pressure on him,- he was 39!
    Stern came to Israel at 18 and gave his life to our homeland sixteen years later, he was a hero who had great love for his people.

    1. Wow, I’m impressed. You’re not just fighting the last Israeli-Arab war, you’re fighting about the 10th from the last, going back to the middle of the last century. Talk about being mired in the past.

      We all have our heroes. Some Martin Luther King, and some Arab-hating assassins.

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