3 thoughts on “Harry Reid Draws Line in Sand on Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Well that’s good news about Rep. Reid and Senators Rockefeller and Biden who are not buying into this inflated threat re. Iran. Also encouraging is that a few Republican senators share their concern; I featured a short vid of comments by Republican senator Ron Paul expressing his concern that a Gulf of Tonkin incident might turn things around and give BushCo the green light to attack Iran. I acknowledge that alarmism can be a problem in itself, but I also take seriously the possibility that all this might be more than just sabre-rattling, which in any case, is still incredibly dangerous and ill-considered policy.

    Rockefeller’s observation about Bush’s inappropriate lack of worldly knowledge or even curiosity seems to incredibly extend to his Secretary of State Rice, at least with regard to the Middle East, according to an ex-staffer.

    Aside from a Gulf of Tonkin type incident to legitimize these trigger-happy chappies, I’m also concerned that the constitutionally-enshrined Congressional breaks on executive folly are possibly being eroded, with the unilateral ‘surge’ in Iraq not receiving the requisite (additional) Congressional) approval — violating, according to at least one academic, the constitutional War Powers clause.

  2. I think Ron Paul is a member of the House of Representatives & not a senator. I wish he were in the Senate. But there are a few Republican senators who’re seen as “traitors” to the cause & who’re opposed to “surge”: Olympia Snow & Chuck Hagel among them.

    Bush can proclaim a surge, but Congress doesn’t need to go along since it has the power to defund the initiative as it did in Vietnam. I don’t think Bush’s surge is a done deal.

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