6 thoughts on “Sweet & Savory Bakery – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Oy Richard – it’s only 10:20 local – and I’m not having lunch until 12:30 and you’re making me SO hungry! (At least I have a good lunch to look forward to – my boss is taking us to a local Benihana clone!)

    You also are bringing back memories for me of Maier’s Bakery that for many years was a few blocks away from where I grew up (I live in the same neighborhood) in Evanston, IL. It was bought out and renamed Judy’s Bakery for many years – and was just as good – but unfortunately couldn’t keep up with local economics… As a teen-ager – I couldn’t get enough of their eclaires…

    Tomorrow we head out to Cambridge, MA for my wife’s uncle’s wedding! Hopefully we’ll find some good baked goods – since we all know when on vacation, calories don’t count!

  2. Just found your blog, Richard! I love it! Especially your food articles 🙂

    We had a party a few days ago, and one of our friends brought us some exquisitely flaky rugelach. I will try to get the recipe from her.

  3. Richard,

    You may want to refer the bakery owner to a book called Alpha Dogs by Donna Fenn. In it she writes about the Dancing Beer Baking Company in Boston (Unfortunately the tip is too late for Dan Sniderman) – once begun like Sweet & Savory and now still with all its original individuality, charm and flavor (literally and figuratively) but mucho expanded and successful. The book highlights several small businesses, from mom and pop to a bit bigger, that all became very successful while retaining that je ne sais qua that made them so special when they were small.

  4. Lenny: Thanks for that suggestion. Knowing this woman a bit as I do I’d say she prob. doesn’t want to expand in that fashion. Her operation is very much hand-made. No machines at all except ovens & such. It’s one of her charms.

    But I do have a friend in the Bay Area who started a similar operation to hers & he did go the Dancing Beer route turning his into a huge breadbaking operation. It’s called Semifreddi’s & bakes an enormous amt. of bread which you can buy in most any major supermarket in the greater Bay Area. They also have retail outlets in Kensington, Claremont & Emeryville. His company has a great work ethic & treats its employs quite well esp. compared to other bakeries & food outlets. I’ll tell him about the book.

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