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  1. It looks like the cold war between the US and Russia is re-emerging. The use of exotic toxins to poison dissidents is a blunt message reminiscent of the former USSR. Neither polonium nor dioxin, which was used to poison Ukrainian Victor Yuschenko, is commercially available. The Russians are sending a message to other dissidents that they are unsafe, wherever they are. The first order of business is to restore the Soviet empire by blackmailing Ukraine, Georgia, and other former Soviet states. The second order of business is to bolster Iran by supplying them with advanced antiaircraft defenses. These allow the Iranians to bolster conflict in Iraq without fear of retributions. The Putin-Ahmadinejad friendship is reminiscent of the Hitler-Stalin nonaggression pact

  2. I don’t think anyone, even a tyrant or would be tyrant like Putin can “restore the Soviet empire.” They may harbor a delusion that this is possible, but hopefully they are not that impaired. The Soviets have a feeble, encrusted military apparatus that couldn’t conquer Latvia, let alone Georgia, Ukraine, etc.

    But they ARE acting as if they’re the toughest dude on the block & willing to use their sharp elbows (& straight razors) to throw their weight around.

    I don’t agree w. the Iran analogy at all. Since Iran borders Russia wouldn’t you think they’d want to impose their will on the Iranians as well? Wouldn’t you think a nuclear empowered Iran would threaten Russia? Yet the latter gladly provides assistance to the Iranian nuclear program.

    And as to likening Putin-Ahmadinejad to Hitler-Stalin, I don’t think so. Putin is a tin pot dictator not capable militarily of projecting any power at all. For God’s sake, he can’t even rescue a submarine stuck on the ocean floor without foreign assistance or conquer a recalcitrant territory like Chechnya. He kills almost as many recruits in hazing incidents as he seems to train. The rest seem to starve or freeze depending on the season because of such poor logistics support & finances.

    He CAN project economic power as long as his resources are valued & last. And he can do damage in this way as he’s tried to do last winter to the Ukraine. But that is far diff. than having serious military power. I am not arguing that Putin & Russia are not serious enemies of democracy in their region and the world. They are. But we have to keep in perspective just what they are, and are not capable of.

  3. I think that the reason Russia is arming Iran is to bleed the US. Russia has little hope of taking over Iran, but can gain economic benefit from Iran. Another reason for a Russian-Iranian modus vivendi is that Russia can arm Iran with a promise of noninterference in Chechnya. What do you think would happed if the International Solidarity Movement tried to join Soros’ new lobby?

  4. What you say about Russia & its agenda in Iran sounds plausible. But while they can reap great financial rewards by plying the Iranians with nuclear technology, they may live to regret their greed if a nuclear bomb ever explodes in their region.

    As for the new lobbying group, it’s meant as an American Jewish group and all its member are distinctly Zionist, though all are willing to be critical of Israel. Neither the ISM nor the new lobbying group would want to have anything to do w. ea. other.

  5. Another opponent of Putin, Yegor Gaidar, has a mystery illness. It seems that the old Soviet tradition of murdering opponents is still in style. With Pierre Gemayel’s assassination, it seems that the Russians and Syrians have a lot of confidence

  6. Haha, you guys are funny. Anyhow, before you try to accuse anybody in removing Litvinenko, first you need to look at who he was and who he was not. He’s not a “former spy” or GB agent. In the late 80-s he was employed by Internal Forces (Ministry of Internal Affairs structure, similar to US National Guard) in a role of non other than a regular prison guard. In the early 90s’ he was a regular internal operative with no access to big secrets. He first met Berezovskijj, being a member of squad of regular bodyguards, provided by АЫИ, after Berezovskijj requested assistance from government after the bombing of his car.

    Litvinenko was nobody, who was trying to make some dough any way possible. He went as far as using his FSB credentials to press on people, in other words — banal racketeering, for which he and some of his colleagues were investigated, when Berezovskijj smuggled him out. All in all he reminds me of the hero in the popular cowboy-themed Russian anecdote:

    “See that guy over there in the corner?”
    “Yea, what about him?”
    “They call him Elusive Joe”
    “Huh, so really, no one can catch him?”
    “No, nobody gives a rat’s ass about him.”

    And to put him on the same level as prominent and respected journalist such as Anna Politkovskaja is to give him too much honour, and/or show utter disrespect for Anna’s memory.

    * * *

    As for details of the murder, after prolonged discussions (including with many physicists (hell, my dad has a degree in nuclear physics)), and using some common sense I really doubt the legitimacy of the common theories. Firstly, as a mean of murder, alpha-emitting isothope is in fact useful, although highly exsotic. However, to kill with it, is like to drive nails with the microscope. Even aside from the my above doubts about Litvinenko’s perceived importance, there’s much cheaper and easier ways to kill someone.

    There was an incident worthy any bondiade — “umbrella murder” of a Bulgarian dissident in London some 25 years ago. Died from the meager amount of natural and available poison — ricin, which you can extract from castor beans in your basement. Another aspect of that memorable murder is that suspected killer — Dane of Italian descent. Which illustrates the practice of secret services in any country to work indirectly, through many middle men.

    But, according to the media hystery, it seems as if murderers were packing Polonium in the backpacks, and routinely flying planes from Moscow to London. More over, in the light of the fact, that, when properly done, you can move Polonum around in hermetiс container, which can take the form of the regular pill (and yes, even with digestable or soluble shell, perfect for food poisoning so long it is airproof) without any noticeable trace or effect on carrier’s health, it looks rather suspicious, that there are traces everywhere. Like there were dragging ther polonium backpacks all over the place and radioactive metallic salt was seeping everywhere.

    It was either completely unprofessionally done, or, rather, “a job that looks very much like a job”…

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