6 thoughts on “Jewface and Jewish Cultural Revisionism – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Most Jews and most decent people are asleep at the wheel.

    A Holocaust prevention must be the common goal for humanity.

    We have to bring together an alliance of all decent people.

    Decency trumps JUDAISM.

    Most Jews are in love with Judaism, which is a dangerous aphrodisiac, and we forget to act responsibly for our children.

    I wish, we forget Judaism for a second and act as responsible humans. In a human chain.

    Muslism and Christians must understand this message.

    People of some reason can act together fruitfully.

    I am ready to brainstorm for it.


  2. Steve, I was raised Methodist which basically was “love your neighbor as yourself”. I do not recognize the Christianity of the fundamentalists and cringe at their message and sense of superiority.

    I like the way you put it — a human chain of all of us.

  3. Well Steve, in a PERFECT world I would say, wow! that’s a great idea. But with the jewish population shrinking through disuse and assiimilation, and Israel in danger of being decimated, I just don’t think we, as jews, have the luxury of too much self-deprication. As far as our relationship to Israel is concerned, ponder this. You are probably too young, as I am, to remember a time that there was no Israel for jews. You also don’t remember a time in these United States, when there was much discrimination against jews in social and business situations. Please understand, that if jews have that “special relationship to Israel” it is because we have a powerful Israel that we are respected in THIS country. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you get respect just because you live here. Talk to people who lived in the US before Israel’s independance and you’ll see.

  4. I don’t accept Steve’s perspective on this matter which involves the renunciation of all religions including Judaism. But I reserve a special objection to Stacy’s prescription for Jewish normalcy. Israel will never bring Jews acceptance or respect in the eyes of the world especially given the policies it has adopted over the past 40 yrs. No, Jews must make their mark on their societies on the strength of their religion & their contributions to them. An Israel that oppresses Palestinians & treats its Arab minority as 2nd class citizens is not a recipe for instilling respect for Jews among the world’s citizens.

    If Israel can ever return to normality and become a stable, peaceful part of the Mideast, then Jews can be proud of it & the rest of the world will follow suit. That would be a wonderful day. But as it is, Israel is a millstone around the neck of Diaspora Jews. I say this with great sadness & as a progressive Zionist who cares for Israel’s welfare.

  5. In my humble short life, I have lived in four cultures, Eastern and Western Europe, Israel and USA, and I came to the conclusion to say good bye to Jewish faith, as Spinoza has suggested.

    I learned from my parents and from my rabbis the love, the respect and the rules of the Judaism.

    They gave me tools to live and survive. But when I have started my independent jurney, I voted for atheism.

    The decency of most religious people is undeniable. I strongly recommend to all people of all faiths, to look around and see the decency on the other side.

    I am for a human chain and human bridge among humans, without the numerous landmines of the Holy Scriptures.

    The Scriptures were all noble endeavours, but they became a fortress and prison for the believers. The arguments are leading to wars, and it is time to shake hands with each others without the burden of studying the text.

    Let us be free people and not law students of the Halacha and Hadith and Cathecism and the Gospels.

    There is beauty in life beyond our Tanach as many of us has found it.

    I am sure, there is beauty in your life, too, with the Tanach, but you may explore new shores too.

    Just for the record, Israel is a fun country, but there have been tragic turns inside and outside of Israel following Rabin’s death. I thought he was greater than most leaders of Israel. Natanyahu had such a bad concept. He and his team are responsible for lots of our current problems even beyond the Middle East.

    While the safe harbour called Israel is a great gift for persecuted and free Jews, the Balfour Declaration has to be remembered. It had proposed a concept for a peaceful coexistence.

    It is not deniable that the poor and desolate Jewish immigrants scared the Palestinians, in the early pre-WWI times. Imagine a slum, invading your country. Beggars and thieves are roaming your cities.

    It has changed, the Jews who came later brought education and civility, but the memory of the clashes were not repaired.

    We can talk about the truth of the Israeli new and old history. The solution must be found for the people who live there now, and will be born there. And let us stop Iranian search for a nuclear bomb.

  6. Steve…I see your view upon organized religion, but there is no need to depart from the Jewish Community…It is resonable to make this choice for yourself, but if you do not raise your kids through the temple and Jewish experiences…you are defeating the Jewish population…Individuals CAN make a huge difference when dealing with a small population. I urge you to do as you please, but keep in mind the future of the Jewish people when you decide to raise children, or influence others. thanks

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