8 thoughts on “George Soros to Fund Progressive Jewish Lobby to Counter Aipac – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. As another long time Brit Tzedek member, I’m really thrilled to hear a deep pockets organization “supporting the cause”. I think the success of the Right for the past 30 years in this country shows that political sucess works when it comes from both directions – grassroots AND “Top-down”…

  2. Peter H: Yes, I’ve read that too along with Shmuel Rosner’s rather provocative report in Haaretz. Here’s my post on that. But I don’t really believe that any of those who are currently backtracking by saying the new group won’t counter Aipac really believe what they’re saying. At least I hope they don’t otherwise this group will have hardly any reason for existing. I view this group as a larger, better funded version of Israeli Policy Forum. IPF has mounted attacks on Aipac’s political positions & I’d expect this new group to do the same.

    I love to read what wingnut Marty has to say about Israel. Always good to fuel my righteous indignation & bullshit meter. UPDATE: Just read the Peretz piece & must say it is positively tepid Peretz. Not a denunciation or scurrilous, bad-tempered charge in there. Of course, there is stupid, irrelevant gossip about Mort Halperin apropos of nothing. But I half expected a full frontal attack on Soros. Personally, I think Marty’s keeping his powder dry for a real double barrel blast of his blunderbuss if Soros really carries through with this idea & makes it happen. BTW, the idea that Soros or Halperin “don’t give a shit” about Israel is preposterous. All you have to do is listen to Soros talk on the subject to know that it means a lot to him & that he can bring many positive resources to bear in helping promote peace between Israelis & Palestinians.

  3. Always interesting when Soros gets involved in something. Although I have to admit I would have rather seen him put his influence, leadership and money into a Clinton or Gates type foundation focusing directly on peace initiatives and perhaps joint Palestinian – Israeli economic development and social programs. I think that would accomplish a lot more than one more political interest group in a political system which is becoming ever more dysfunctional. But given my own personal negative attitudes towards AIPAC along with most of the other large established Jewish organizations allegedly speaking and acting for me, I guess I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Although before we heap too much praise on the initiative, we should wait and see how it really develops. Shabbat shalom and Ramadan mubarak.

  4. Richard,

    You wrote this to defend George Soros’ vis a vis Israel

    “All you have to do is listen to Soros talk on the subject to know that it means a lot to him & that he can bring many positive resources to bear in helping promote peace between Israelis & Palestinians.”

    Can you point to any sources? That’s not meant to be a pointed question, just interested and willing to see a different perspective than what the right-of-center portrays but I’m having trouble finding it.

  5. George Soros’ views of the Israeli Arab conflict are just about the same as mine though he presents himself less sharply than I do when he discusses the issue. He is neither anti-Zionist nor anti-Semitic. And contrary to what idiots like Marty Peretz say he is not silent, uncaring or apathetic when it comes to Israel. That’s just hogwash that the other side tries to pass off as ‘analysis’ of Soros’ so-called true feelings about Israel.

    This isn’t an optimal way to answer yr question but if you’re interested in learning more about his views on the subject go to the Charlie Rose website, find the Soros interview & order the transcript. It costs some money, but at least you’ll get a verbatim report of what he said & can judge for yourself.

    I haven’t done any Google searches to see what he’s written online on the subject. But if you haven’t done this you should try that too.

    UPDATE: I did find a Boston Globe column Soros wrote on the Lebanon war in which he says in part:

    In response to Hezbollah’s attacks, Israel was justified in attacking Hezbollah to protect itself against the threat of missiles on its border. However, Israel should have taken greater care to minimize collateral damage. The civilian casualties and material damage inflicted on Lebanon inflamed Muslims and world opinion against Israel and converted Hezbollah from aggressors to heroes of resistance for many.

    This view of the conflict has been espoused by any number of dovish Israeli journalists during the war in publications like Haaretz or Ynetnews. To say that this is somehow anti-Israel is a calumny. But a calumny worthy of jerks like Bill O’Reilly or Tony Blankley (who’ve voiced such comments about Soros themselves).

    Anyone who’d like to read more about the neocon campaign to vilify Soros should take a look at this piece by Eric Alterman.

  6. Good for Soros! I had just about given up hope after the recent dreadful AIPAC/EVANGELICAL/POLITICAL gathering in Washington. What a collection of boastful fat-cat cowards — anyone who has seen a real war will not want one. I happen to be a Christian, and the words come to mind: “Blessed are the Peace-makers”… Good for Soros!

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