6 thoughts on “Israel Tries Hezbollah Fighters As Common Criminals – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Since their actions were illegal, they’re being tried as criminals. They were not part of any declared war and their actions, invading and kidnapping, are the actions of criminals.

    As for them being ‘grunts’ what part of ‘following orders is no excuse’ didn’t you learn?

  2. If the Lebanese fighters “actions were illegal” then the actions of any IDF soldiers serving outside Israel are also illegal. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    They were not part of any declared war

    Israel started the war fella. And it most certainly was one whether you or Israel say it was or not. Whether a war is declared or not has nothing to do w. whether it is a war under international law & whether the actions of the soldiers fighting it are covered under such law.

    “Following orders” is a perfectly lawful position for a member of a military force to take whether it be the IDF or Hezbollah. As far as I can tell, Israel cannot prove (& isn’t even claiming) that these men attacked or killed Israeli civilians (which WOULD be a violation of international law). They are being charged for attacking fellow military personnel (Israeli). That is definitely NOT a violation of any international law & probably not even a violation of Israeli law. It will not stand up to scrutiny, probably not even in the Israeli Supreme Court which is, with few exceptions, in the pocket of the intelligence/military establishment when it comes to security issues.

    Neither you nor Israel has a leg or even a toe to stand on.

  3. You’re right. I was imprecise. Hezbollah engineered a commando raid which captured two soldiers & killed eight & Israel unleashed the Mideast equivalent of WWIII (minus the nuclear weapons or course). I should’ve rather said that Hezbollah made the first move & Israel turned it into a war, which it needn’t have become if Israel had treated the situation the same way Ariel Sharon did when it happened during his regime.

    Use the term “terrorist” one more time associated w. me & you’re banned here.

  4. So Israel started a war when it responded to an invasion and an attack against it.

    Just so we’re clear on that.

    No need to ban me, happily leaving on my own, along with all the non-existant commenters who aren’t commenting on your blog it would seem. Better market yourself to the Al Jazeera crowd. You won’t have much luck with Jews.

  5. Just so we’re clear: an invasion is sending 10,000 troops 15 miles into a foreign neighbor’s territory & occupying it for several months; while flying several thousand sorties, & dropping several thousand rockets, & tens of thousands of cluster bomblets on said territory killing 1,200 (mostly civilians), causing $1 billion worth of damage & sending 1/4 of the population into internal exile.

    An incursion is when you send a score or 2 of troops several hundred feet into a foreign neighbor’s territory on a commando raid which kills 8 & kidnaps 2. And just to be even more clear–I don’t condone the raid & in fact would’ve supported a conventional military response to it in proportion to the severity of the original provocation. But it cannot be compared in catastrophic impact to the subsequent Israeli invasion.

    happily leaving on my own

    And I’m happy too. Isn’t it nice when someone can make themselves & others happy with their own disappearance?

    all the non-existant [sic] commenters who aren’t commenting on your blog it would seem.

    You’re truly ignorant. This blog has had nearly 3,000 comments in the four years it has existed along w. approx. 250,000 unique visitors in the past 12 months. How ’bout yours? And my blog is blogrolled in scores of Jewish blogs, my feed is offered at the major Jewish blog aggregator sites, and hundreds of Jews have written supportive comments here. You’d know some of this if you’d bothered to read what’s here. But I guess that’s too demanding a chore for you.

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