3 thoughts on “The Banality of Congressional Pro-Israel Politics – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The hard headed truth that Jews need to hear is that the creation of the zionist entity is the sole obstacle to world peace. There is no historic jewish claim to Palestine. The creation of the zionist entity dwarfs any war crimes committed by Hitler, Stalin, Mao, or Pol Pot. finally, the so called holocaust is used as a forcefield to defend zionism. The jews need to be relocated to their homeland in eastern Europe, where they can play clezmer muzak to the few tourists who will visit

  2. Whoa! We’ve got a live one here. A real life red-blooded, wild-eyed hater. I thought you guys went extinct around the time of the dinosaurs. So you’re a Jew hater, an Israel basher & a Holocaust denier–all in one. What a treasure!

    Why don’t you go back to the Stone Age where you belong.

  3. Not so hot.
    He is a little extreme, but he is not a murderer, or a terrorist.
    Amin Nusseibeh can be engaged, and we can negotiate a decent peace with him, and his friends.
    I have had some private correspondence with him.
    The key is to understand that Palestinian men are scarred that something can happen to their family.
    We have to approach the conflict through family values.
    The real trouble is the real recklessness of the Iranian Supreme Leader and the Syrian dictator who have real power.

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