1 thought on “Gaza and the Twilight War – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Just excellent Richard!
    Many good points, I wouldn’t done it better myself 😉

    The show of force, the Israeli “superman mentality” haven’t succeeded in 40 years, why would it work now? Especially in this case..
    It’s incredible that no one seems to notice in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, but it is noticed in Gaza and the West bank and for sure in Damascus…

    Why must the Israeli interpretation that smartness always is the same as weakness?
    If the most important thing is to free Gilad Shalit, why on earth can they don’t do it by negotiations? Or is it just an excuse…

    If negotiations are to show weakness, what about the way the Israelis left Gaza??
    Why must they always fool themselves by thinking that they can make the rules, when they obviously can’t. The only way to get (more) security is by dealing with the PA.

    But the Israelis won’t talk to any Palestinian Government, it doesn’t matter if its Fatah or Hamas. It doesn´t matter if its Arafat or Abbas or Haniye.
    The Israelis will for sure find a reason to not talk. Hamas doesn’t recognize Israel, but Fatah who (mostly) recognize Israel wasn’t an option either.

    I wonder why the Israeli leadership always looks so incredibly stupid. Do they honestly believe bombing a power station and cutting the water will look more credible in the eyes of the world, by labelling it “terror infrastructure”?
    It’s called war crime….

    If disaster strikes and Shalit is killed, is the splendid explanation Peretz & Olmert will provide: we tried our best, to free him…by bombing bridges and power stations….
    Well, that’s really brilliant, Guys!!

    Sharon is gone, but sadly his spirit still lives on….

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