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  1. My copy ripped on to my computer fine and it’s the Dual Disc. Can’t really say more (since I’m computer stupid) but thought I’d let you know.

  2. Before you rip on Bruce for only trying to protect his copyright to the music, you should be an investgative journalist first and at least try and contact Columbia Records for their comment. Sorry to say that you’ve only done a one-sided hatchet job here. Totally unfair.

  3. Mike: that’s very interesting. I spent some time going through Google discussion groups yesterday & see that some people have absolutely no problem ripping it (as you did) & others like me can’t get the CD to play on their pc for love or money.. I wonder whether the fact that I’m using a Dell PC circa 2002 might have something to do w. it.

    I tried querying a Dell discussion forum about this yesterday but didn’t really get a useful answer. Perhaps I need to contact the company directly.

    Marc: Rather than the record company, I plan to contact Springsteen’s management company about this if I can find them since the record wouldn’t be in DualDisc format unless they wanted it that way.

    I think you misunderstand the nature of my blog. I don’t intend for it to be journalism. It’s a record of my opinions, experiences and feelings. I did quite a lot of research in putting together this post. I don’t think I have an obligation to expound upon the music industry’s hidebound attitudes toward copyright issues. The use of DualDisc and other anti-piracy software will only drive more Springsteen fans into the arms of filesharing. As it is, it’s incredibly easy to download this album from these sources. I thought I’d support Springsteen and the record since I believe it Pete Seeger & this project so much. But I didn’t reckon with this draconian, obnoxious technology getting in the way of my listening experience.

  4. It’s ironic, considering Pete Seeger’s music was all about freedom. Someone should ask Pete what he thinks of this.

  5. I’ve also had no luck playing or ripping the CD side on my computer. What really gets me ripped is the CD won’t play well on my CD player in the house, sounds like an old LP that’s really scratched up, and the dual disc is too thick to play in the CD player in my car. So I wasted fifteen bucks on a dual disc I can’t listen too, watch ot rip. What a RIP OFF.

  6. Paul: What’s odd about the whole thing is that in visiting various discussion groups concerning this issue I find some people have absolutely no problem playing or ripping the CD. Bizarre but very frustrating.

  7. I did not have any difficulty ripping until I came to “Pay Me My Money Down” and “Froggie Went A Courtin'”. After going through a half dozen discs trying to make a compilation of other material that I purchased, I gave up. I must say that after following Bruce for nearly 25 years, I am shocked that he would give an ok on limiting my use of a CD that I paid close to $20 for. All I wanted to do was to take selected songs from the collection and use them in a compilation form with other material that I own. It will be the last Springsteen CD that I will ever buy.

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