5 thoughts on “Best Seattle Cupcake: Dahlia Bakery – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Bless you Richard Silverstein. Having moved to this glorious city from NYC – where my cupcake consuming caboose was often found at the local cupcakeries (i.e. Magnolia’s and Billy’s), I am pleased to know about the Dahlia bakery as an alternative to the gerneric (and dry) Cupcake Royale treats.

  2. Erin: Welcome to Seattle!

    If you live anywhere near Leschi or Mt. Baker, Sweet & Savory (31st Ave.) makes delectable cupcakes though only on the weekends (at least that’s what the proprietor told me recently). Whole Foods cupcakes aren’t too bad either. But Dahlia’s rock.

    If you have any other food questions about Seattle pls. ask. Also, check out Seattle Bon Vivant and the eGullet NW food section for good local eats.

  3. Ditto the Sweet and Savory cupcakes (the best strawberry cupcake ever!) but Macrina’s are also very good. The Mom’s Chocolate Cupcake was fantastic! Yes, I’ve always found Cupcake Royale’s cupcakes to be too dry.

  4. I just rediscovered Sweet & Savory by reading Seattle Bonvivant. I used to buy S&S cupcakes when the owner did the farmer’s markets & they were heavenly. She hasn’t done the markets for a while & I never knew where her store was till recently. Almost everything they do is wonderful. However, yesterday I bought a chocolate cupcake there & did not like it. The cake was way too dry & crumbly and the icing was really hard. Not their best effort.

    As for Macrina, I find that everything they make with fruit is yummy especially their fruit tart (sort of like sachar torte). The jam is simply delectable.

  5. Trophy Cupcakes in Wallingford makes fine cupcakes as well. Definitely up there with the Dahlia Bakery in deliciousness.

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