6 thoughts on “Chief Lelooska: NW Native Artist and Storyteller – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I just came upon your blog … I am also in love with the “Spirit” book! I bought it while on holiday in P-town OR and brought it home to our house here in Sweden. In fact, I feel so inspired that I’m considering using some of the artwork to paint decorations around the door in my living room. Amazing artwork. I really love Chief Lelooska’s hummingbird, and the puffins. I think I’ll try to order his first book as well.

  2. YOu can’t go wrong. They are both gorgeous books. Not just his writing, but the artwork, typography and everything about them. My only regret is that I will not have an opportunity to meet him or read any more of his books due to his untimely death.

  3. My father appreciated Chief Lelooska so much, he bought many pieces, and published a book about his work. My father is gone now, but we enjoy the 6 or 7 pieces of mask carvings, some Patty Fawn work, (including a totem pole, now weathered), and a beaver bowl.

  4. I took my children to see Chief Lelooska about 35 years ago..and was in awe..I just went with my 10 year old grandson to see the same performance by his brother and the family… I am still in awe.

    We have both books and love them..However we did not get the CD with Spirit of the Elder People and I know we are missing the complete experience. If anyone knows how we can find it please tell us

  5. Jeanie,
    I may be way too late, but if you contact the Lelooska Foundation at http://www.lelooska.org
    I believe you can get a copy of the CD. Chief Lelooska was an amazing man and I am very fortunate to have known him and the rest of this wonderful family.

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