3 thoughts on “Olmert ‘Convergence’ Plan Suffers Withering Scorn of Menachem Klein – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. There are only few decent people like Menachem Klein, and undeservedly, I am his humble friend.
    Our grandfathers lived in the Hungarian countries,
    Menachem has a good working Arabic knowledge, and has a wide circle of Palestinian friends and working partners.
    He is the pragmatic mind. He knows the value of the traditions, but open minded, and recognizes the existence of a Palestinian neighbor, He respects the Palestinians since he knows many excellent people there.
    It is a big error not to know the neighbor, or lump its peole in to one category.
    The message of Menachem is that the decent majority of Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace.
    He is the sane voice who can tell every body the errors and sins of both nations’ leaders.

  2. I am new to your blog, I came across it from a link on a Blog (the Mother and Child in Gaza).
    After a (very) quick review of your blog, I can see that you and I don’t have a lot in commen. But that is ok, I like reading and talking to those who think differently than me.

    The only comment I have about the post (since I am not really a great supporter of Olmert or his “plan”), is that We already tried the negotiation strategy. it didn’t go too well for us last time. What makes you think that the palestininas have changed (for the better) in the past 6 years. Actually what makes you think that Israelies Want to try that again?

  3. Dov: Welcome-barch ha-ba. I am gratified you came by even though our politics diverge.

    All I can say about the “negotiation strategy” is that it may’ve failed in the past, but it’s the only real, viable strategy that will work. Time & history have proven that there’s no substitute for it in terms of resolving conflict. As for why the Palestinians have changed in the past 6 yrs, you’ll have to read a few of my posts about Hamas & Palestinian public opinion to confirm for yrself that change has indeed happened and in a big way (just as change has happened in Israel as well). Just a fer-instance: a majority of Palestinians support negotiations with Israel, a majority support a 2 state solution.

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