5 thoughts on “Tikun Olam Linked in New York Times Real Estate Blog! – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Congratulations – hopefully it won’t be the last time and hopefully they will pick up on some of your poitical/foreign policy insights as well.

  2. Elemental: Fun deyne oyren tzu Gott’s augeheren (“From your mouth to God’s ears”).

    I look at blogging as a slow war of attrition in reverse. You slog away at it and gradually more folks are aware of what you’re doing. Eventually, your local paper takes notice, then you get a link at a national media site and maybe someone even invites you to write for a more mainstream publication that actually pays you (hasn’t happened to me yet). But each bit of recognition helps get you to the next step. At least I hope so.

  3. Regarding the Jackling house in Woodside, Ca.
    FYI….The Biltmore Hotel in Montecito (Santa Barbara) was designed by Reginald Johnson, not George Washington Smith.
    Great commentary on the house though.

  4. Thanks for setting me right about that. I know G.W. Smith designed the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and several other major public buildings that lend the city its unique architectural style.

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