3 thoughts on “Democrats Spineless Wimps: Filibuster Campaign Too Little, Too Late? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I’ve read your blog down to this entry. I had to stop and say AMEN or Ramen to all of the above.

    Notwithstanding the hopelessness of the Filibuster, when Kennedy lit the fire on Labor Day, and Kerry joined in from Nevas… I hit the Gang of 14 by email and telephone. To see the young folks excited at theyoungturks.com in their 100 hour “filibuster the filibuster” I got a little hope that another “woodstock moment” was born. The MSM ignored it and the Dems worked their strategy. On their watch our 43 idiots in the Senate -with more connectivity and assets at reaching voters than the world has ever known- allowed Alito to steal home plate as if it wasn’t the winning run.

    Any old country lawyer knows that you can’t prove a case through the other side’s witnesses. The Dems needed any old lawyer and the resources to put together a stellar witness list. The Senators needed to sit quietly and wait for closing arguments. Allowing Alito to talk for two days without putting on the evidence against him, is abusing the privilege of being stupid. It was a worse show than a seventh grade moot court competition.

    I volunteered in Blue States to vote for Nader in my Red State -doing anything to keep Dems from throwing away their vote on Nader. As a yellow dog Democrat, I thought I would vote even for yellow dogs before casting a vote for R’s or 3rd Ptys, but I’m believing Nader’s POV may need another look.

  2. It’s rare that I read a comment with which I agree 100%.

    It would appear that the Democrats do not have the stomach for the job.
    They are incapable of doing what needs to be done to stop the Republican juggernaut.
    Republicans have created a united front even at the sacrifice of their individuality.
    Republicans who try to vote their conscience face retribution from their own party.
    This is what the Democrats face in Congress. Picking only battles they think they can win will leave them not fighting a single battle and us without a two party system.

    I’m writing this 4 month after the original post. The president’s approval ratings are in the low 30’s. The Republican Congress is overwhelmed by charges of corruption and criminal activity bordering on treason. Yet, still, they walk all over the Democrats with impunity because they know the Democrats have forgotten how to fight back. The Democrats have spent so much time “picking their battles” that they don’t know what to do when they find one.

    I, also, have been a life long “yellow dog” Democrat, but after the Alito debacle I consider myself an independent. In a time when the Republican party has shown its hand, exposing itself as a party of naked opportunists working directly for giant corporations and the incredibly wealthy it is hard to believe that the Democrats haven’t been able to use this opportunity to garner unqualified support and to capitilize on the desire by a majority to see this administration at least out of office or at best in a federal penitentiary. Remarkably, while polls show little support for the Administration and its policies this has not equated into unqualified support for the Democratic Party.
    And that is just sad.

  3. Thanks fr yr comment, GL. Though I too am outraged & disappointed by the Dems inability to capitalize on the Republicans’ horrid performance as the governing party, I haven’t gone as far as becoming an independent. I was too traumatized by what Ralph Nader did to Gore’s chances in 2000 & don’t want that to happen again.

    But if the Dems nominate Hilary Clinton I might just change my tune on that.

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