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  1. I’ve really come to dislike Symantec products. Norton was great when Peter Norton ran the company a LONG time ago. I had some issues with Norton Anti-virus just over a year ago – and a friend of a friend (who’s a Network Admin type) strongly recommened PC-Cillin.

    The User Interface is much less slick than Norton – but it’s a snap to install and un-install (cant say that about Norton – the uninstalling at least) and it doesn’t seem to interfere with other software as much as Symantec products.

    Since I’ve been recommending it to friends and family – I’ve found many cases where it detected problems Norton didn’t – and fixed problems Norton could detect and couldn’t fix.

    For example, my brother-in-law got a particularly nasty spyware that hijacked IE browser to a search page – and struggled hard to get rid of it – using all the usual Spyware tools. Eventually I gave up – but he also wanted me to install PC-Cillin per my recommendation as his Norton subscription was about to expire.

    So I installed PC-Cillin and part of the virus/malware scan on install – it detected the browser problem and fixed it. If I had installed PC-Cillin first – it would have saved me several hours…

    You can believe me (or not!) But I am no way affiliated with the company that makes it – I’m just a customer (I am a software development consultant)…

    PS – I really enjoy your blog

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