3 thoughts on “Sharon Vows to Disrupt Palestinian Elections Which Include Hamas – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Perhaps (to answer your question) because Hamas has vowed to continue attacking Israel…and Abbas, claiming he will stop terrorism, is too weak to prevent Hamas from anything. So the gangsters must be stopped another way.

  2. You’re so right.

    It seems to me one problem with the Palestinian Authority is that it was stacked at the beginning with Fatah people. Arafat tampered with the last legislative election in 1996 and this next round has been delayed for four years already. The result is that many Palestinians reject – on good grounds – its legitimacy as a representative body.

    If Israel really wants a a stable negotiating partner and neighbor, it should step back and allow the Palestinian political process to proceed unimpeded. Tampering will only legitimate the continued existence of armed factions and breakaway groups.

  3. Postroad: So let’s do a little terror/political calculus. Say Hamas commits to run in the next elections (as they have essentially done). Say Sharon follows through on his threat & essentially wrecks the election. Do you think that this will somehow stop “the gangsters?” Of course it won’t. It will give the most rabid elements in Hamas grounds to go back to terror with a vengeance with the result that even more innocent Israelis will be killed.

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