2 thoughts on “Retired Israeli Officer Thwarts British Arrest for War Crimes – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. But Almog is an Arab-killer! Ah, but you didn’t mean that kind of ‘Arab killer’ did you?

    I don’t believe that being even-handed requires any prerequisites. It is a principle beyond conditions. The bomb makers and terror planners among Hamas & Islamic Jihad who haven’t already been massacred by the IDF in extrajudicial assassinations should & will receive international justice. It is a shame that Israel utterly rejects the jurisdiction of the ICC because if it did then it too could bring claims against Palestinian killers. But I guess Israel would rather bear a grudge against international institutions like the UN & ICC than actually use them to get justice for itself & its citizens. Oh & the fact that it has such an efficient IDF killing machine available for the murders I mentioned above…that obviates the need for proper legal justice doesn’t it?

    Here’s a question for my right-wing friends…Has any Israeli victim of terror yet attempted to file suit before the International Court of Justice against specific Palestinians accused of planning attacks in which they were injured? That would be the surest way of beginning to bring such killers to justice.

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